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The New Me Aditya Shetty2016-2-3 33 1 Blog
A bump in the Night Betty Janko2016-2-3 60 8 Blog
If you don't like it, change it Westly Shaw2016-1-27 43 0 Blog
Abundance of Rain Linda Moore2016-1-26 98 0 Blog
UNCLAIMED, BUT LOVED Westly Shaw2016-1-24 66 0 Blog
NOTTINGHAM BUSTETH UP James Thompson2016-1-23 98 0 Blog
4. The Waiting After the Storm (Mother's Voice) Elizabeth Olesen2016-1-22 106 1 Blog
Other People's Opinion Westly Shaw2016-1-21 88 6 Blog
STANDARD TRANSFORMATION "You Raise Me Up" James Thompson2016-1-18 73 0 Blog
LOOK UP-GET UP-BUT NEVER GIVE UP James Thompson2016-1-14 76 0 Blog
Ambiguity in Poetry. Essential or Mannerism? Denis Barter2016-1-14 122 4 Blog
HELLO-I'M IN HEAVEN James Thompson2016-1-12 72 0 Blog
SHOOTING ARROWS AT THE SKY James Thompson2016-1-11 73 0 Blog
Why I love House M.D. And why I'd cry if I met Hugh Laurie Lauren Smith2016-1-8 77 0 Blog
HIKERS HONOR "Sparkles Of Perfection" James Thompson2016-1-7 79 0 Blog
WHY DO YOU WRITE? john vincent2016-1-7 91 1 Blog
AGAINST DUALISM Timothy DeChenne2016-1-6 114 0 Blog
SNAPSHOTS OF A FIREFLY Satheesan Rangorath2016-1-6 93 0 Blog
WHEN WE MISS SOMEONE Roche Rosos2016-1-6 67 2 Blog
SALUTE-SLEEP SWEET OR SUFFER SWEAT James Thompson2016-1-5 61 0 Blog
Short Story Elizabeth Trondsen2016-1-5 81 0 Blog
I will not come visit here for awhile working on a new project troubled youth Pattra Shuwaswat2016-1-5 93 2 Blog
A TRAILER OF THE THIRD HEAVEN James Thompson2016-1-3 55 0 Blog
Thanks Jeff and the Staff Linda Bates Terrell2016-1-1 105 5 Blog
NEW YEAR Roche Rosos2015-12-31 86 4 Blog
REMEMBERANCE AT THE HEART OF CHRISTMAS "Power In The Blood" James Thompson2015-12-30 75 0 Blog
A NEW YEARS CANDLE LIT Linda Bates Terrell2015-12-29 78 1 Blog
test Site Monitor2015-12-27 116 0 Blog
Merry Christmas To All Elizabeth Olesen2015-12-27 106 6 Blog
A Holiday Gift for all of our Writers Site Monitor2015-12-25 88 7 Blog
Tonight is the Night!!!! Site Monitor2015-12-24 73 1 Blog
Are you ready? Site Monitor2015-12-24 73 0 Blog
Another Page in the Journal of Life Betty Janko2015-12-24 114 5 Blog
BORN IN A MESSY STABLE Elizabeth Trondsen2015-12-22 113 4 Blog
THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF GENERATION Z Timothy DeChenne2015-12-17 154 0 Blog
A Few Thoughts As Christmas Nears. Denis Barter2015-12-14 171 3 Blog
THANKS TO MANY. ROY KNEALE2015-12-14 165 3 Blog
SAVIOURS REST "Jerusalem" James Thompson2015-12-12 120 0 Blog
“Hey Father, you ain’t no Christian bruv” Richard Gildea2015-12-9 200 4 Blog