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10 years from NOW!! Banita Lall2019-2-10 33 0 Blog
A Movie Starring YOU Banita Lall2019-1-23 59 1 Blog
Hide and Seek of Happiness and Pain Banita Lall2019-1-22 42 1 Blog
On Heaven- From the Sermon- When Across the Bridge We Pass. Adeosun Ayo2019-1-18 88 0 Blog
Our Education System Stinks Paul Butters2019-1-15 137 0 Blog
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO VN FAMILY Elizabeth Olesen2019-1-4 131 3 Blog
December Alliteration.- Hardly a Poem. Denis Barter2018-12-31 123 3 Blog
Key to a Successful Career Ernel Merano2018-12-25 93 0 Blog
Early Christmas Recollections Denis Barter2018-12-21 87 1 Blog
MISTLETOE AND WINE "Bachelor Boy" James Thompson2018-12-17 124 0 Blog
I Love You All... Betty Janko2018-12-12 142 11 Blog
Update on my Mother Elizabeth Trondsen2018-12-4 328 5 Blog
My Mother's Heart Surgery Postponed to Dec. 3rd Elizabeth Trondsen2018-11-26 111 3 Blog
LIGHT UP THE SKY "Rockin Around The Christmas Tree" James Thompson2018-11-25 113 0 Blog
Thoughts on a Black Friday Elizabeth Olesen2018-11-23 110 3 Blog
Prayer for my Mother's Heart Surgery Elizabeth Trondsen2018-11-21 131 8 Blog
Dissertation on Poetry? A Few Thoughts of Mine. Denis Barter2018-11-13 125 2 Blog
ONE TWO THREE FOUR.....FIVE "Do They Know It's Christmas" James Thompson2018-11-12 116 0 Blog
Dear Zaynub and Friends Betty Janko2018-11-8 176 7 Blog
River and Lake Conservation by afforestation schemes Manoharan Thomas2018-10-31 134 0 Blog
WEYTIN WE GAIN (WHAT DO WE GAIN)? Emmiasky Ojex2018-10-23 143 0 Blog
WEYTIN WE GAIN (WHAT DO WE GAIN)? Emmiasky Ojex2018-10-23 91 0 Blog
Come daniel faerber2018-10-23 180 1 Blog
EARTH WIND AND FIRE - SEPTEMBER James Thompson2018-10-14 176 0 Blog
Maggie's Home. Denis Barter2018-10-7 157 2 Blog
A Moment Of Madness Kenneth Clark2018-10-5 154 2 Blog
Happy Birthday Westly! Betty Janko2018-9-27 169 2 Blog
Maggie Pollock - Scottish Poetess. Denis Barter2018-9-24 190 5 Blog
IT IS FINISHED "God Of Salvation" James Thompson2018-9-17 152 0 Blog
The mask Jelena Mijajlovic2018-9-15 156 2 Blog
Thanks to one and all! Betty Janko2018-9-7 191 2 Blog
CHAMP James Thompson2018-8-29 195 0 Blog
Betty's Challenge and a huge Thank you Westly Shaw2018-8-28 235 4 Blog
WE'LL BE BACK AGAIN "Desert Island Discs" James Thompson2018-8-22 151 0 Blog
More Quotes from Myself and Others Paul Butters2018-8-15 208 0 Blog
THE WISE MAN BUILT HIS HOUSE James Thompson2018-8-10 174 0 Blog
CHAMPIONS! Paul Butters2018-8-1 206 0 Blog
WHAT DO YOU SEE - "Which Station" James Thompson2018-7-31 178 0 Blog
Grimsby, Cleethorpes and District Table Tennis Association - Thursday Practice Paul Butters2018-7-30 208 3 Blog
WHEN SHALL THE UK HEATWAVE END 'Something About The Way You Look Tonight' James Thompson2018-7-26 157 0 Blog