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SOMEWHERE OUT THERE "God Has His Way" James Thompson2018-4-17 28 0 Blog
THE FINAL FATHOM James Thompson2018-4-15 19 0 Blog
THE MANNED NATIONAL "The Final Furlong" James Thompson2018-4-13 23 0 Blog
A shock Westly Shaw2018-4-13 42 0 Blog
Notes on Closing Out The 86th Challenge Poem: "The Rhythm of Life" John Starks2018-4-10 70 6 Blog
Another bump in the road, and then a SHOCK! Betty Janko2018-4-9 61 5 Blog
Many thanks to JJ. ROY KNEALE2018-4-7 91 3 Blog
Rest in peace Jeff, JJ xx Nishu Mathur2018-4-7 64 4 Blog
A Layman’s Theory On The Origin Of Our Universe Kenneth Clark2018-4-6 54 4 Blog
Early Spring Daydreaming. Denis Barter2018-4-4 53 2 Blog
YOU SEE IT ALL "Footsteps Walking With Me" James Thompson2018-3-27 82 0 Blog
THE OTHER SIDE - PRESS ON PRESS ON James Thompson2018-3-23 66 0 Blog
WHITNEY HOUSTON - "One Moment In Time" James Thompson2018-3-18 67 0 Blog
Tomorrow, I Intend to Return John Starks2018-3-11 229 5 Blog
I SAW A BEE - COULD IT BE A MESSAGE - SERIES B James Thompson2018-3-11 120 0 Blog
SPRING STEPS IN James Thompson2018-3-6 80 0 Blog
THERE IS POWER IN THE BLOOD James Thompson2018-2-24 122 0 Blog
I AM THE WAY- THE TRUTH - AND THE LIFE 'US evangelist Billy Graham' James Thompson2018-2-22 76 0 Blog
OFT IN DANGER - OFT IN WOE James Thompson2018-2-18 156 0 Blog
FEAR - DONT BE DOWN - THINGS ARE LOOKING UP James Thompson2018-2-10 165 0 Blog
85th Musketeers Inspirational Challenge – Baton Handover Adam Archer2018-2-7 247 6 Blog
TAKING THINGS EASY "Search My Heart-Search My Soul" James Thompson2018-2-4 171 0 Blog
Critical Technical Adjustments John Starks2018-1-26 270 0 Blog
Why I Write Poetry (What Makes Me Tick) John Starks2018-1-25 114 0 Blog
FLOODS FOR FLOCKS 'Hey Angel' James Thompson2018-1-17 151 0 Blog
DONT TELL ME THE NHS IS A HOPELESS PLACE "Gaither Vocal Band" James Thompson2018-1-11 140 0 Blog
Poem Mail VN Internal Email System Adam Archer2018-1-9 228 2 Blog
Correcting The Sonnet: "Achilles (Despite His Flaw) John Starks2018-1-7 190 0 Blog
Adjusting the second tercet of the poem: "The New Year!" ( Moving through Time!) John Starks2018-1-2 120 4 Blog
Corrections to my poem: "Let's Honor SIR ROY KNEALE! John Starks2018-1-1 91 0 Blog
Think of me as a wallflower Betty Janko2017-12-30 95 2 Blog
Letter to my love Dilliram chhetri2017-12-28 112 1 Blog
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my VN family! Elizabeth Olesen2017-12-22 134 12 Blog
VERSE AVERSE Timothy DeChenne2017-12-13 197 1 Blog
Is The Universe really The Whole Thing? Paul Butters2017-12-10 187 5 Blog
ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS - IS YOU James Thompson2017-12-5 141 0 Blog
Voices Linda Moore2017-12-2 197 2 Blog
CROWN DELUXE SNEAK PREVIEW James Thompson2017-12-2 117 0 Blog