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Most Recent Blogs submitted

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Special Note: Recent Poem Submissions can be found at Recent Poems Page
BLACK FRIDAY "Walk In The Light-Marilla" James Thompson2015-11-28 30 0 Blog
Happy Thanksgiving Westly Shaw2015-11-25 56 5 Blog
How much information do we unknowingly give out ? Westly Shaw2015-11-23 56 0 Blog
On Poetic Interpretation John Starks2015-11-23 72 0 Blog
KNIGHTS ARE DRAWING IN - THE WAY WE WERE "I Know The Day Will Come" James Thompson2015-11-22 67 0 Blog
SORRY I CAN'T GET ON OFTEN Marie Smith2015-11-22 55 4 Blog
Why you change and then what?...a HR message Ranganathan S2015-11-22 53 0 Blog
WHO CAN I TURN TO "Len Magee" James Thompson2015-11-20 44 0 Blog
"CHANCE" Roche Rosos2015-11-20 47 2 Blog
SITHAANDHAM QUESTION AND ANSWERS: PART 19 Sithaandham Vinaa Vidai2015-11-20 54 0 Blog
Happy Birthday Sathee Marcia Schechinger2015-11-19 67 5 Blog
A WALK ALONE IN THE WOODS Timothy DeChenne2015-11-17 96 0 Blog
This may sound crazy, but Westly Shaw2015-11-16 89 3 Blog
WHAT IS FORGIVEN IS USUALLY WELL REMEMBERED "Lord I Need You" James Thompson2015-11-16 77 0 Blog
I Don’t Want To Write Owais Ahmad2015-11-13 135 8 Blog
YOU WILL SURELY DIE James Thompson2015-11-11 82 0 Blog
Ram-Rahim Anjani George2015-11-10 81 0 Blog
Update on my Mother's Health Elizabeth Trondsen2015-11-10 84 10 Blog
Why people are sad in corporate?..a HR message Ranganathan S2015-11-10 67 0 Blog
GO - REST HIGH ON THAT MOUNTAIN James Thompson2015-11-9 62 0 Blog
Suicide poem removed Site Monitor2015-11-9 109 4 Blog
Poem/song Hazel Connelly2015-11-9 78 0 Blog
AS WE MAKE OUR JOURNEY - THE GREAT ESCAPE James Thompson2015-11-8 67 0 Blog
MORALITY WITHOUT GOD? Timothy DeChenne2015-11-7 108 0 Blog
# About Karma Thoughtmonger Varun2015-11-6 85 0 Blog
hello my friends Marie Smith2015-11-3 89 8 Blog
BEYOND DESCRIPTION - CODE OF CONDUCT James Thompson2015-11-1 87 0 Blog
THE IRON LAW OF OLIGARCHY Timothy DeChenne2015-10-30 124 0 Blog
YOU PICTURED THE WRONG CASTLE James Thompson2015-10-29 66 0 Blog
TONY GRANNELL?? Nishu Mathur2015-10-27 148 5 Blog
Poem/Song Hazel Connelly2015-10-24 170 4 Blog
HR wisdom from Jacana bird Ranganathan S2015-10-21 157 0 Blog
BLINDED:- THE WAY James Thompson2015-10-21 157 0 Blog
A value not menace. A word on racism. Anna Koroniak2015-10-19 114 1 Blog
Accepting Changes Of Aging Linda Bates Terrell2015-10-19 119 5 Blog
VN Log In denial! Denis Barter2015-10-18 197 7 Blog
CROOKED OR STRAIGHT James Thompson2015-10-15 83 0 Blog
Eid, Gandhi Jayanthi and Biriyani Nite @ Silver Lawns Anjani George2015-10-15 90 0 Blog
TRANQUIL TRANSLATION James Thompson2015-10-13 85 0 Blog
Sithaandham Question and Answers : Part 18 Sithaandham Vinaa Vidai2015-10-11 98 0 Blog