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Most Recent Blogs submitted

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Special Note: Recent Poem Submissions can be found at Recent Poems Page
The Babe Linda Moore2015-10-7 5 0 Blog
short story Dr Faten Ishak2015-10-6 15 0 Blog
Are you just a face in someone else's Story? Da Voice2015-10-6 14 1 Blog
forgiveness Dr Faten Ishak2015-10-6 25 2 Blog
Down a Slope and Up a Hill, or Easier Down than Up Sherriton Jones2015-10-6 22 0 Blog
He Is Coming Linda Moore2015-10-4 36 1 Blog
I'M GOING TO THE TOP James Thompson2015-10-3 45 0 Blog
MAKE ME ONE WITH EVERYTHING Timothy DeChenne2015-10-2 45 0 Blog
OPEN THE BOX - OR - TAKE THE MONEY James Thompson2015-10-2 34 0 Blog
Gossip Ezeugo Nnamdi Lawrence2015-9-30 72 0 Blog
Observation of romantic love Pedro Lanza2015-9-29 72 0 Blog
Fair justice in nature...a HR message Ranganathan S2015-9-27 70 0 Blog
PAIN Roche Rosos2015-9-22 114 0 Blog
Quran Opening Paul Butters2015-9-19 163 0 Blog
ASK James Thompson2015-9-18 136 0 Blog
Consistency trap...a HR mesage Ranganathan S2015-9-16 142 0 Blog
TT Defensive Player Vs Defender Paul Butters2015-9-14 106 4 Blog
Why you do not know...a HR message Ranganathan S2015-9-13 94 0 Blog
Be like a cactus...a HR insight Ranganathan S2015-9-6 144 0 Blog
SITHAANDHAM QUESTION AND ANSWERS - PART 17 Sithaandham Vinaa Vidai2015-9-5 154 0 Blog
My Father Passed earlier this month.... Jeff Humphrey2015-9-2 234 22 Blog
Helmet On Linda Moore2015-9-2 158 1 Blog
ON GETTING OVER OURSELVES Timothy DeChenne2015-9-1 181 0 Blog
Never Take The Time To Know... Shacvobria Barber2015-8-31 70 0 Blog
Do you speak a lot about yourself?...a HR message Ranganathan S2015-8-30 121 1 Blog
Salvation's Song Linda Moore2015-8-29 117 0 Blog
Who benefits from this action? Jeff Humphrey2015-8-27 169 11 Blog
Regulation is futile without public participation Han Min Ohn2015-8-24 148 0 Blog
Essay - The Art of Rhyming Poetry - As I See It. Denis Barter2015-8-22 144 0 Blog
Nigerians Do Not Buy Ebooks Because... King kObOkO2015-8-20 153 1 Blog
Ditch that pill Namrata Bagaria2015-8-18 166 0 Blog
My Table Tennis Brag Sheet Paul Butters2015-8-18 138 0 Blog
How to make the world a better place? Namrata Bagaria2015-8-17 105 2 Blog
On marriage and relationships! Namrata Bagaria2015-8-17 102 3 Blog
From virtues to value Namrata Bagaria2015-8-17 83 0 Blog
On prayers to beloved Meher Baba Namrata Bagaria2015-8-17 99 0 Blog
Mother's Voice, Chapter 2 Fishing Island and Recruiters for Virgin Girls Elizabeth Olesen2015-8-16 156 1 Blog
Soon Linda Moore2015-8-16 136 0 Blog
Overcome limitation...rats and horse to HR Ranganathan S2015-8-16 125 0 Blog
Empowering Spell Darryn Murphy2015-8-14 145 0 Blog