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Most Recent Blogs submitted

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Special Note: Recent Poem Submissions can be found at Recent Poems Page
Who was Obededom really? Samuel Yisa2014-7-22 32 0 Blog
MH-17 Lee Emmett2014-7-20 66 6 Blog
When needs are common....a HR message Ranganathan S2014-7-20 44 0 Blog
A CHOSEN ROUTE THE GHOST BREAKS THROUGH James Thompson2014-7-20 42 0 Blog
A VERY BRIEF REPLY FROM SIR ROY. Edwin Jepson2014-7-19 82 5 Blog
Real is unreal...a HR message Ranganathan S2014-7-17 39 0 Blog
YEW LODGE James Thompson2014-7-14 52 0 Blog
The Road to Activism. Anna Koroniak2014-7-14 53 0 Blog
Proud of Orange , This was it then Pattra Shuwaswat2014-7-11 119 3 Blog
World's Oldest Author and Poem Paul Butters2014-7-9 95 2 Blog
Is Not Yet Known Pattra Shuwaswat2014-7-9 101 0 Blog
COMPUTER CRASHED Marcia Schechinger2014-7-7 105 7 Blog
THE DOOR THAT SQUEAKS James Thompson2014-7-6 81 0 Blog
Amazing poison arrow frog...a HR leader Ranganathan S2014-7-6 72 0 Blog
Old and new work Jacobus Bekker2014-7-5 77 0 Blog
BURNT OFFERINGS James Thompson2014-7-5 67 0 Blog
God Bless America, Great World Cup Heroes Paul Butters2014-7-4 82 3 Blog
I Arranged Work Experience for a Footballer Paul Butters2014-7-4 34 0 Blog
NAUTICAL STORM James Thompson2014-7-1 85 0 Blog
Be with bees....a HR message Ranganathan S2014-6-30 96 0 Blog
To all: Bob Macchia2014-6-29 111 2 Blog
A growing fish...a HR message Ranganathan S2014-6-29 40 0 Blog
THE KNIGHTS ARE DRAWING IN James Thompson2014-6-28 69 0 Blog
2014 Chris Johnson2014-6-28 134 0 Blog
QUICK HI AND GOODBYE Marie Smith2014-6-27 116 4 Blog
Nine Resume Writing Skills a Professional Writer Must Have philemon onesias2014-6-25 129 1 Blog
Less use of your ears and associated deafness...a HR message Ranganathan S2014-6-25 75 0 Blog
BAD GIRL James Thompson2014-6-21 120 1 Blog
To all... Bob Macchia2014-6-20 127 6 Blog
quick hi Marie Smith2014-6-19 104 2 Blog
SUEZ CRISIS James Thompson2014-6-19 58 0 Blog
Direction of adaptation...a HR message Ranganathan S2014-6-18 84 0 Blog
TRIP HAZARD James Thompson2014-6-14 89 0 Blog
Poetic Form Paul Butters2014-6-13 80 0 Blog
Bliss of life...a HR message Ranganathan S2014-6-10 82 0 Blog
My health Bob Macchia2014-6-6 128 7 Blog
PLAY YOUR PARTS RIGHT James Thompson2014-6-5 118 0 Blog
My Second Poem Pankaj Kumar2014-6-5 115 0 Blog
Grimsby Table Tennis League Season 2013-14 Paul Butters2014-6-4 115 0 Blog
Wise hyena...a HR message Ranganathan S2014-6-1 101 0 Blog