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Most Recent Blogs submitted

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Special Note: Recent Poem Submissions can be found at Recent Poems Page
Love Peace Care Samina Khaliq2015-5-27 14 0 Blog
WALK HUMBLEY WITH GOD "Marilla" James Thompson2015-5-26 24 0 Blog
THE MILK RACE James Thompson2015-5-24 41 0 Blog
EXPLOSIVE EVIDENCE James Thompson2015-5-23 42 0 Blog
Part D. Scientists disprove even dino evolution theory S.zaynub Kamoonpuri2015-5-22 66 1 Blog
SINGLE OF LOVE Roche Rosos2015-5-21 68 2 Blog
Part C . Scientists refute even dino to bird evolution view S.zaynub Kamoonpuri2015-5-15 87 0 Blog
JESUS KEEPS HIS WORD James Thompson2015-5-12 109 0 Blog
Respect yourself Samina Khaliq2015-5-11 165 2 Blog
Once Samina Khaliq2015-5-11 48 0 Blog
THE ROUR OF RUSHING WATERS James Thompson2015-5-11 54 0 Blog
SITHAANDHAM QUESTION AND ANSWERS : PART 13 Sithaandham Vinaa Vidai2015-5-9 108 0 Blog
The wonder of a Mother ( Happy Mother's Day Everyone) Westly Shaw2015-5-9 92 3 Blog
HALLELUJAH - BRITAIN OBEYS ORDERS James Thompson2015-5-8 59 0 Blog
Thoughts on this "getting older" business . Dwayne Rankin2015-5-6 112 6 Blog
HELL OH - ARE YOU ALL RIGHT James Thompson2015-5-6 72 0 Blog
Apologies due on behalf of ROY. ROY KNEALE2015-5-5 123 2 Blog
Part B. Science Debates against the dino to bird evolution too.! S.zaynub Kamoonpuri2015-5-5 83 0 Blog
GIVE -xXx- James Thompson2015-5-4 72 0 Blog
PARTY BROADCAST 2015 "Actions Speak Louder Than Words" James Thompson2015-5-3 139 0 Blog
Learn from Flamingo...dear HR Ranganathan S2015-5-3 213 0 Blog
TURN A BLIND EYE James Thompson2015-5-2 341 0 Blog
Human mind seldom evolve...a HR insight Ranganathan S2015-5-1 497 0 Blog
Know the intent first.....a HR insight Ranganathan S2015-4-30 127 0 Blog
My Debate against dinosaur to bird evolution S.zaynub Kamoonpuri2015-4-30 723 1 Blog
POINTLESS "Board Going Down" James Thompson2015-4-29 426 0 Blog
Grimsby Table Tennis: The Middle Ages Paul Butters2015-4-27 127 0 Blog
Ladybug never use excuse...a HR message Ranganathan S2015-4-26 102 0 Blog
SITHAANDHAM QUESTION AND ANSWERS : PART 12 Sithaandham Vinaa Vidai2015-4-26 107 0 Blog
SIGNS OF THE END James Thompson2015-4-24 93 0 Blog
WE WON THE CUP Paul Butters2015-4-23 90 0 Blog
Do You Dream ? I Do . I Love To Dream ! ShawnaFreedom Conaway2015-4-22 155 3 Blog
Are you not a seal....a HR message Ranganathan S2015-4-22 81 0 Blog
DRAW NIGH TO GOD James Thompson2015-4-19 114 1 Blog
The Insanity Of Our Sanity Rufus Brughs2015-4-16 219 2 Blog
Intelligence and understanding...a HR insight Ranganathan S2015-4-16 139 0 Blog
Table Tennis: Focus, Focus, Focus Paul Butters2015-4-15 162 0 Blog
You are only fooling you...a HR insight Ranganathan S2015-4-14 89 0 Blog
PENTECOST "That Was Easy" James Thompson2015-4-13 117 0 Blog
Frog select the best without competition Ranganathan S2015-4-13 89 0 Blog