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Most Recent Rants submitted

Countries Multi-Category     *
Special Note: Recent Poem Submissions can be found at Recent Poems Page
Are We Truly Worth It? Daniel Kulesa2015-11-14 73 0 Rant
Hear no Speak no See no william andrews2015-11-13 77 0 Rant
CHRIST, MY ALL IN ALL Elizabeth Trondsen2015-11-3 71 0 Rant
I Am a woman Lauren Smith2015-10-22 161 1 Rant
Integrity Da Voice2015-10-5 89 0 Rant
My Mother's Health Elizabeth Trondsen2015-9-10 231 9 Rant
The last of us william andrews2015-8-25 172 0 Rant
Thoughts on Writing jeff schweffermann2015-8-13 180 1 Rant
Suggestions william andrews2015-8-7 418 8 Rant
KARMA? PAYBACK? ENTITLEMENT? Lee Emmett2015-7-31 224 3 Rant
HEY, YOU RAVING LUNATIC! Raine Carosin2015-7-21 271 0 Rant
WHAT SHOULD YOU DO IF A SHARK ATTACKS YOU James Thompson2015-7-20 160 0 Rant
Don't Mistake My Kindness For Weakness Myrna Martin2015-7-13 372 7 Rant
Reconciliation: College Day Dreams Joseph Savarese2015-6-10 271 0 Rant
PRAY AND HELP US Dhal Jirel 'Ravi'2015-4-26 291 4 Rant
Whatever happened to Second Jobs? Da Voice2015-3-11 333 0 Rant
My demon imsomnia Rosalind Alexander2015-3-7 338 0 Rant
Logo Therapy Joseph Savarese2015-2-24 352 0 Rant
live at helen paul theatre john vincent2015-2-11 305 0 Rant
Gossiping Rosalind Alexander2015-2-10 341 1 Rant
Aisha’s Rant- Adeosun Ayo2015-1-17 335 0 Rant
early morning sangria sven dersvant2014-12-27 363 0 Rant
MERYY CHRISTMAS Dhal Jirel 'Ravi'2014-12-23 428 4 Rant
Homo Sapien Sherriton Jones2014-11-26 394 0 Rant
From The Souls Teaching Adeosun Ayo2014-11-9 401 0 Rant
The Dialogue Adeosun Ayo2014-11-9 347 0 Rant
From Pa Kitos Mutterings Adeosun Ayo2014-11-9 352 0 Rant
Alan Hennings beheaded Alan Brown2014-10-6 1150 6 Rant
The man with to many ears Alan Brown2014-9-22 412 0 Rant
Avoid Fundamentalist Solomon Mbogani2014-9-18 526 0 Rant
to many ideas Jason Bibby2014-9-3 462 1 Rant
"40 Reasons NOT To Write a Poem" Terry Fitterer2014-8-31 672 3 Rant
THE MOUSE DIED Gail Kay2014-6-24 552 6 Rant
STATE OF THE NATION. peninnah ng'ang'a2014-6-17 488 3 Rant
Connect with me David Odey2014-6-4 530 4 Rant
Insecurity Monae Austin2014-5-6 540 0 Rant
Youthful exuberance Milagros Gastanes2014-5-5 613 0 Rant
Food Chemicals, ICK! Linda Bates Terrell2014-5-3 548 0 Rant
Education is always Key Monae Austin2014-5-2 498 1 Rant
Appreciation! Pay It Forward With A Poem! Linda Bates Terrell2014-4-25 790 6 Rant