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Most Recent Short Stories submitted

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Special Note: Recent Poem Submissions can be found at Recent Poems Page
Short StoriesAuthorAddedViewsResponsesType
Missing my loved ones. vijayalakshmi barki2014-4-17 13 0 Short Story
"NEVER GET TIRED" Roche Rosos2014-4-16 17 0 Short Story
Angle it Aritra Sen2014-4-14 41 0 Short Story
A different funeral Aritra Sen2014-4-14 11 0 Short Story
The last true friend Aritra Sen2014-4-14 20 0 Short Story
"liFe is goOd" christine swiger2014-4-12 57 0 Short Story
"liFe is goOd" christine swiger2014-4-12 19 0 Short Story
LUCY'S COLLEGE LIFE (Part 2) Tariro Zinyemba2014-4-11 40 0 Short Story
A Day in the Metro Anjani George2014-4-11 59 0 Short Story
A Capella Mercedes Rothwell2014-4-7 399 1 Short Story
THREE RIVERS- once upon a time Eftichia Kapardeli2014-4-6 91 0 Short Story
Talk to me whispered Eftichia Kapardeli2014-4-6 21 0 Short Story
An Echo's Whisper Michael Cahill2014-4-1 73 1 Short Story
Get Well Soon Michael Cahill2014-3-30 50 1 Short Story
The Chase episode I would LOVE to see Paul Butters2014-3-28 62 2 Short Story
The Letters Patricia Hockenbury2014-3-24 150 0 Short Story
The Visit Anjani George2014-3-22 81 1 Short Story
Ask Angela: Part Three Michael Cahill2014-3-19 81 5 Short Story
SERVANT Roche Rosos2014-3-18 66 2 Short Story
GHOSTLY MEMORIES Raine Carosin2014-3-17 75 2 Short Story
1/2+1/2 is ONE Self - 4 poems Danny Coon2014-3-16 64 0 Short Story
Ask Angela: Part Two Michael Cahill2014-3-15 73 2 Short Story
Ask Angela Michael Cahill2014-3-13 56 2 Short Story
A Perfect 10 Danny Coon2014-3-13 57 2 Short Story
In the Land of Shadow Danny Coon2014-3-12 48 3 Short Story
Prologue Koskani Espinosa2014-3-5 103 1 Short Story
Challenge "Titles" Danny Coon2014-3-5 66 3 Short Story
Poetic Justice Danny Coon2014-3-3 52 1 Short Story
The original document - We Church Danny Coon2014-2-26 72 0 Short Story
Five Poems on Death Danny Coon2014-2-24 68 0 Short Story
Break Up varsha radhakrishan2014-2-24 99 0 Short Story
Eight Poems with same Message - Life Danny Coon2014-2-24 111 1 Short Story
Tears of a White blood cell - with Note Danny Coon2014-2-21 72 0 Short Story
America Reposted Danny Coon2014-2-20 53 0 Short Story
Man Reposted Danny Coon2014-2-14 95 0 Short Story
Memories and Dreams Danny Coon2014-2-13 57 0 Short Story
The return of love Yannis Politopoulos2014-2-11 118 0 Short Story
Commedia de’ arte - 'The Harlequinade' Kenneth Clark2014-2-7 92 0 Short Story
THE CONSEQUENCES OF WHO WON Linda Bates Terrell2014-1-31 111 0 Short Story
Island of Child's Fear, Shame and Faith: No Secrets in the Island (Part 1, Chapter 2) Elizabeth Olesen2014-1-27 97 0 Short Story