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Short StoriesAuthorAddedViewsResponsesType
THE SOCIAL MEDIA CONVERSATION Conrad van den Bergh2016-5-5 116 6 Short Story
Passenger Indian: The Interview (Part One) Kaalan Pillay2016-5-2 106 1 Short Story
Frustration john vincent2016-4-25 96 0 Short Story
Full Circle: The Poetry of a One Year Love Affair Randolph Krauch2016-4-21 119 1 Short Story
Sleeping Gold Gift Amukoyo2016-3-17 81 0 Short Story
The City of Grey Anjani George2016-3-9 132 0 Short Story
Step on a Crack Sheri Lowe2016-3-8 121 0 Short Story
SEASONS OF WAR AND PEACE Kamal Abdul Nasir2016-2-26 164 0 Short Story
Abandonmet (a dream) Kent Reedy2016-2-24 169 0 Short Story
THE MENACE OF POVERTY john vincent2016-2-22 142 0 Short Story
AND HE CAME AGAIN john vincent2016-2-22 106 0 Short Story
Me, Myself, and I Michael Sipes Jr.2016-2-22 138 0 Short Story
DISABILITY AND ADDICTION MY STORY Michael Sipes Jr.2016-2-20 124 0 Short Story
THUNDER FIRE SATAN Charles Aholu2016-2-16 147 0 Short Story
illusive abstracts Ikokwu Ikemba2016-2-11 173 1 Short Story
Dating Death's Son- Prologue Stormy Powell2016-2-8 151 0 Short Story
BURIAL AMIDST TEARS john vincent2016-1-16 234 0 Short Story
WHEN A MAN FALL john vincent2016-1-16 127 0 Short Story
TEARS WILL COME john vincent2016-1-16 133 0 Short Story
WRITTEN OFF john vincent2016-1-16 124 0 Short Story
I died for your happiness.... Shreya Sharma2016-1-13 206 0 Short Story
WAITING FOR WILLIAMS john vincent2016-1-11 210 0 Short Story
THE OLD MAN AND THE SINGING GIRL Elizabeth Trondsen2016-1-8 295 4 Short Story
A Journey that never was By John Chizoba Vincent john vincent2015-12-25 187 0 Short Story
THE SAD MAIDEN AND THE HAPPY BUTTERFLY (a story of true love and/or true friendship) Elizabeth Trondsen2015-12-14 256 4 Short Story
BIAFRA 2020 King kObOkO2015-12-12 219 0 Short Story
THE UNPROFESSIONAL PROFESSIONAL Roche Rosos2015-12-8 197 0 Short Story
The Little Cat Who Changed My Heart Betty Janko2015-12-6 206 0 Short Story
Tears of Joy (The Bracelet) Betty Janko2015-12-1 210 4 Short Story
The Beachcomber Jillian Bonnor2015-11-30 203 0 Short Story
Racism a Personal Perspective Michael Sipes Jr.2015-11-29 199 1 Short Story
Insomnia Diaries Pedro Lanza2015-11-27 193 0 Short Story
Lost Girl Pedro Lanza2015-11-27 134 0 Short Story
Analogy of Hurtful Words (Living with a Narcissist) Jillian Bonnor2015-11-23 208 0 Short Story
MY PERFECT MURDER Raine Carosin2015-11-23 206 0 Short Story
“LOVE YOUR WORK” Roche Rosos2015-11-23 190 0 Short Story
Beyond Death Paul Butters2015-11-22 172 0 Short Story
Bus Stop John Lock2015-11-14 175 0 Short Story
TINKERMAN'S TALE john vincent2015-11-11 196 0 Short Story
“MY FRIEND IS A HERO” Roche Rosos2015-11-11 228 0 Short Story