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Short StoriesAuthorAddedViewsResponsesType
#74 Musketeer Challenge Susanne Rowell2017-1-16 62 10 Short Story
My 23 birthday Osamnia Soumia2017-1-13 38 0 Short Story
SOMETIME IN 2002 benedict ogoh2016-12-14 214 0 Short Story
SOMETIME IN 2002 benedict ogoh2016-12-14 29 0 Short Story
THE SECRET LEGACY OF MAURICE CRAWLEY a short story Karl Rubens Phillip Hussey2016-12-8 117 1 Short Story
Is That My Sun?(to play, dream, wish, love) Myrna Martin2016-12-1 94 4 Short Story
Abduction Paul Butters2016-11-23 137 2 Short Story
A DARK SPIRIT INVADING MY HOME Louise Robello2016-11-21 92 0 Short Story
THE TONGUE CAN CUT LIKE A SWORD Louise Robello2016-11-20 63 0 Short Story
How Polly Became a Pirate Ch1/2 Jannine Weeratunga2016-11-13 101 1 Short Story
The Glass Ballerina - A Fairytale For Julia Mary Willis Kenneth Clark2016-11-11 110 1 Short Story
Symbolic representation Manoharan Thomas2016-10-19 101 0 Short Story
DON'T DESPISE A STRAY DOG Manoharan Thomas2016-10-19 62 0 Short Story
71st Challenge - The Inner Child - Its Influence On Our Past Present And Future Kenneth Clark2016-10-9 192 7 Short Story
She-Who-Can't-Be-Named Andy Matebese2016-9-7 174 0 Short Story
THE LITTLE ORANGE BUTTERFLY (a story for the young and old) Elizabeth Trondsen2016-9-3 156 0 Short Story
Am i alone.....? Ayesha abid2016-7-28 147 0 Short Story
A dream of my life..... Ayesha abid2016-7-24 147 0 Short Story
jelly bean cake Kevin Rottweiler2016-7-13 145 0 Short Story
Murderers of Artistic Integrity (A One Act Play) Daniel Kulesa2016-7-11 185 0 Short Story
elephant from zoo 2 sanctuary Kevin Rottweiler2016-7-6 162 1 Short Story
EIGHT MINUTES Conrad van den Bergh2016-7-5 244 11 Short Story
The Goose Eugene Williams2016-6-22 176 0 Short Story
Unexpressed Love.. jyoti sondkar2016-6-9 183 0 Short Story
Why opposite attracts?- A short story. SUCHETA DUTTA2016-6-4 245 3 Short Story
THE SOCIAL MEDIA CONVERSATION Conrad van den Bergh2016-5-5 241 6 Short Story
Passenger Indian: The Interview (Part One) Kaalan Pillay2016-5-2 230 1 Short Story
Frustration john vincent2016-4-25 231 0 Short Story
Full Circle: The Poetry of a One Year Love Affair Randolph Krauch2016-4-21 269 1 Short Story
Sleeping Gold Gift Amukoyo2016-3-17 211 0 Short Story
Step on a Crack Sheri Lowe2016-3-8 252 0 Short Story
SEASONS OF WAR AND PEACE Kamal Abdul Nasir2016-2-26 314 0 Short Story
Abandonmet (a dream) Kent Reedy2016-2-24 293 0 Short Story
THE MENACE OF POVERTY john vincent2016-2-22 295 0 Short Story
AND HE CAME AGAIN john vincent2016-2-22 228 0 Short Story
Me, Myself, and I Michael Sipes Jr.2016-2-22 268 0 Short Story
DISABILITY AND ADDICTION MY STORY Michael Sipes Jr.2016-2-20 259 0 Short Story
THUNDER FIRE SATAN Charles Aholu2016-2-16 275 0 Short Story
illusive abstracts Ikokwu Ikemba2016-2-11 279 1 Short Story
Dating Death's Son- Prologue Stormy Powell2016-2-8 260 0 Short Story