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Most Recent Short Stories submitted

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Special Note: Recent Poem Submissions can be found at Recent Poems Page
Short StoriesAuthorAddedViewsResponsesType
Tears of Joy (The Bracelet) Betty Janko2015-12-1 11 0 Short Story
The Beachcomber Jillian Bonnor2015-11-30 26 0 Short Story
Racism a Personal Perspective Michael Sipes Jr.2015-11-29 33 1 Short Story
DISABILITY AND ADDICTION MY STORY Michael Sipes Jr.2015-11-28 23 0 Short Story
Insomnia Diaries Pedro Lanza2015-11-27 40 0 Short Story
Lost Girl Pedro Lanza2015-11-27 15 0 Short Story
Analogy of Hurtful Words (Living with a Narcissist) Jillian Bonnor2015-11-23 75 0 Short Story
MY PERFECT MURDER Raine Carosin2015-11-23 69 0 Short Story
“LOVE YOUR WORK” Roche Rosos2015-11-23 65 0 Short Story
Beyond Death Paul Butters2015-11-22 58 0 Short Story
Bus Stop John Lock2015-11-14 72 0 Short Story
TINKERMAN'S TALE john vincent2015-11-11 67 0 Short Story
“MY FRIEND IS A HERO” Roche Rosos2015-11-11 94 0 Short Story
DISPOSE PROPERLY Anthony Nwosu2015-11-9 71 0 Short Story
THE RED UMBRELLA (a story for young and old) Elizabeth Trondsen2015-11-6 91 1 Short Story
What do thinkers think? Jannine Weeratunga2015-10-30 84 0 Short Story
The Christmas Email Jannine Weeratunga2015-10-30 55 2 Short Story
The World That Moves Barry Brown2015-10-23 144 1 Short Story
Should we amend the Bible? Michael Sipes Jr.2015-10-17 115 1 Short Story
At Fathers Bedside Adeosun Ayo2015-10-17 83 0 Short Story
"THE TRUTH HURTS" Roche Rosos2015-10-9 135 0 Short Story
A SKETCH OF THE ART OF THE BESPECTACLED LIFE Conrad van den Bergh2015-10-9 135 2 Short Story
MY FRIEND Conrad van den Bergh2015-10-3 121 0 Short Story
The Pope' He Came By Adeosun Ayo2015-10-2 99 0 Short Story
The Seventy Pansies Ayesha Saadat2015-10-2 124 1 Short Story
Final thoughts on the Confederate Flag Michael Sipes Jr.2015-10-1 131 5 Short Story
The Confederate Flag Michael Sipes Jr.2015-10-1 94 0 Short Story
The Lottery Win Gail littlefair2015-9-28 146 0 Short Story
the lowest place on earth Baxter Aberfeldy2015-9-24 202 0 Short Story
Musings Over a Cup of Tea Baxter Aberfeldy2015-9-24 99 0 Short Story
That’s so fishy !! SUCHETA DUTTA2015-9-20 226 3 Short Story
A Battered Wife Survivor - What Next? Gail littlefair2015-9-18 242 3 Short Story
Regression Paul Butters2015-9-16 160 0 Short Story
THIEF OF MY BOOK SUCHETA DUTTA2015-9-8 244 4 Short Story
Stella's Birthday Jillian Bonnor2015-9-3 217 0 Short Story
The Haunting of Tobias Kenneth Clark2015-9-1 165 0 Short Story
What I have To Say Matters Shacvobria Barber2015-8-31 218 0 Short Story
WHY I AM NOT HAPPY IN MY WORLD AND WANT TO CHANGE IT! Raine Carosin2015-8-31 178 0 Short Story
The Starbucks Addiction Kent Reedy2015-8-23 192 2 Short Story
ONLY FOOLS RUSH IN "It's The Presence Of Your Spirit Lord We Need" James Thompson2015-7-23 204 0 Short Story