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Most Recent Short Stories submitted

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Special Note: Recent Poem Submissions can be found at Recent Poems Page
Short StoriesAuthorAddedViewsResponsesType
Wormhole Chapter Two Paul Butters2014-7-19 61 0 Short Story
Doc 1 : The Captive Audience Daniel Beirne2014-7-12 65 1 Short Story
Wormhole Paul Butters2014-7-7 63 0 Short Story
annulus annihilated sandeep saini2014-7-5 66 0 Short Story
pi sandeep saini2014-7-5 16 0 Short Story
on words sandeep saini2014-7-5 21 0 Short Story
hampi sandeep saini2014-7-5 18 0 Short Story
Secerning Heart Cristina Moldoveanu2014-6-25 103 0 Short Story
Toy Battery Train Cristina Moldoveanu2014-6-24 52 0 Short Story
The train Vishnu Cholayil2014-6-21 108 0 Short Story
Forgiveness pramod ratagal2014-6-17 107 0 Short Story
Hungry For Loveā€¦. Sulekha Rathnam2014-6-14 122 0 Short Story
Who is God? Michael Sipes Jr.2014-6-13 122 2 Short Story
Pork & Bean Bulldog Kevin Rottweiler2014-6-13 78 0 Short Story
Her Vishnu Cholayil2014-6-9 100 0 Short Story
Train Vishnu Cholayil2014-6-9 63 0 Short Story
Train Vishnu Cholayil2014-6-9 35 0 Short Story
Train Vishnu Cholayil2014-6-9 44 0 Short Story
Train Vishnu Cholayil2014-6-9 40 0 Short Story
Daydream Believer Paul Butters2014-6-3 86 0 Short Story
The Chosen Muse Michael Cahill2014-6-3 102 0 Short Story
Tormented Soul and the Journey to Sanity Michael Sipes Jr.2014-5-27 165 0 Short Story
Mankind a Self-Destructive Species Michael Sipes Jr.2014-5-22 97 0 Short Story
Jack's tale Pt. 1 Koskani Espinosa2014-5-16 182 0 Short Story
Understanding Humanity Michael Cahill2014-5-7 213 0 Short Story
Time Crime Redemption Paul Butters2014-5-5 85 0 Short Story
Time Crime Paul Butters2014-5-5 51 0 Short Story
Discovery New Earth Paul Butters2014-5-5 60 0 Short Story
The Little Boy With The Red Balloon Kenneth Clark2014-4-30 151 0 Short Story
Marinia 7 Part 2 Paul Butters2014-4-26 173 0 Short Story
Missing my loved ones. vijayalakshmi barki2014-4-17 74 0 Short Story
"NEVER GET TIRED" Roche Rosos2014-4-16 87 0 Short Story
Angle it Aritra Sen2014-4-14 127 0 Short Story
A different funeral Aritra Sen2014-4-14 61 0 Short Story
The last true friend Aritra Sen2014-4-14 75 0 Short Story
"liFe is goOd" christine swiger2014-4-12 119 0 Short Story
"liFe is goOd" christine swiger2014-4-12 64 0 Short Story
LUCY'S COLLEGE LIFE (Part 2) Tariro Zinyemba2014-4-11 133 0 Short Story
A Day in the Metro Anjani George2014-4-11 129 0 Short Story
A Capella Mercedes Rothwell2014-4-7 487 1 Short Story