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Most Recent Short Stories submitted

Countries Multi-Category     *
Special Note: Recent Poem Submissions can be found at Recent Poems Page
Short StoriesAuthorAddedViewsResponsesType
JESUS PANTS James Thompson2015-5-17 67 0 Short Story
Beneath the sea Vel Champion2015-5-15 87 1 Short Story
Euthanasia – It’s my choice Jannine Weeratunga2015-5-11 105 2 Short Story
Lost Vel Champion2015-5-8 73 0 Short Story
An Easy Examination Binoy Varakil2015-4-24 127 0 Short Story
A QUESTION.... Binoy Varakil2015-4-24 84 0 Short Story
That I thought last Adeosun Ayo2015-4-19 126 0 Short Story
Forevermore Lauren Mckinny2015-4-15 195 0 Short Story
Our Universe Ends Part Two Paul Butters2015-4-11 103 0 Short Story
Our Universe Ends Paul Butters2015-4-11 66 0 Short Story
A deeper gold, hidden somewhere inside... Conrad van den Bergh2015-4-1 147 0 Short Story
Planet Paradise Paul Butters2015-4-1 145 0 Short Story
The Harbinger of Freedom Anjani George2015-4-1 115 0 Short Story
Crossroads Nnaemeka Oruh2015-3-31 125 0 Short Story
A Home Amongst the Waters Daniel Kulesa2015-3-28 118 0 Short Story
What is love? Dylan Breeding2015-3-26 164 1 Short Story
Lethal Injection Protocol For Humane Execution Michael Sipes Jr.2015-3-25 131 0 Short Story
A Chance Encounter Anjani George2015-3-23 164 0 Short Story
Hyperdrive Paul Butters2015-3-17 209 2 Short Story
Feminism Anjani George2015-3-17 144 0 Short Story
First Contact Paul Butters2015-3-13 157 3 Short Story
THE LITTLE MAN AT 25 Miringa David2015-3-6 139 0 Short Story
Bushwack! Chris Johnson2015-2-25 156 1 Short Story
joy of life anna bell2015-2-21 195 1 Short Story
Aaaachoooo! poor Mog Rosalind Alexander2015-2-19 142 1 Short Story
Happiness Lauren Mckinny2015-2-18 138 2 Short Story
Tonights documentary.!!about the health of children's diet, Teeth,.. Rosalind Alexander2015-2-18 112 0 Short Story
Scribbler's Report: An Introduction Mercedes Rothwell2015-2-18 119 0 Short Story
THE FEARFUL NIGHT Dipankar Sadhukhan2015-2-8 179 0 Short Story
Mog the greatest cat of all Rosalind Alexander2015-2-8 172 0 Short Story
The untold story Rosalind Alexander2015-2-5 223 1 Short Story
MIRACLE Dipankar Sadhukhan2015-2-3 176 0 Short Story
A LOVER'S LETTER Dipankar Sadhukhan2015-1-25 282 1 Short Story
ROOM Dipankar Sadhukhan2015-1-24 166 0 Short Story
ASHA Dipankar Sadhukhan2015-1-24 240 0 Short Story
MY Treasured moments with God.... Rosalind Alexander2015-1-23 157 0 Short Story
Childhood Memories in the snow Rosalind Alexander2015-1-23 168 0 Short Story
Mr Ketchup Ruins the Christmas dinner Rosalind Alexander2015-1-21 190 2 Short Story
Mr ketchup's gets more than he bargains for. Rosalind Alexander2015-1-21 167 0 Short Story
Life Is Like A Pencil Linda Bates Terrell2015-1-7 377 1 Short Story