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Most Recent Riddles submitted

Countries Multi-Category     *
Special Note: Recent Poem Submissions can be found at Recent Poems Page
Magic Matrix James Henry2014-4-24 208 0 Riddles
The shelter in me for me and others Gannet Zuma2013-12-7 231 0 Riddles
A fearful journey in life... Gannet Zuma2013-12-7 171 0 Riddles
THE CORNER Alva Kanyika2013-8-11 477 0 Riddles
What am I?? Answered! Jason Bibby2013-4-21 522 1 Riddles
Who am I? Answered! Jason Bibby2013-3-5 508 2 Riddles
What am I? Answered! Jason Bibby2013-2-28 373 2 Riddles
What am I ? The Unkown Artist2013-1-21 505 4 Riddles
Riddle 5 Mike Chan2012-12-26 658 1 Riddles
Riddle 4 Mike Chan2012-12-24 596 0 Riddles
Riddle 3 Mike Chan2012-12-24 460 0 Riddles
Riddle 2 Mike Chan2012-12-23 574 0 Riddles
Eight More Nina Campbell2012-12-13 494 1 Riddles
A mans white shorts Alan Brown2012-9-24 598 1 Riddles
Little Riddle (what am I) Linda Bates Terrell2012-6-21 1255 4 Riddles
Everyone's birth date equal 9 James Henry2012-6-20 854 3 Riddles
The Hat Riddle Rahul Johnson2012-4-26 2333 0 Riddles
The Mask Nicole Cowdrey2012-3-20 680 3 Riddles
WHODUNNIT (1) Raine Carosin2012-2-22 691 0 Riddles
Guess what I am? Answered! Jason Bibby2012-2-22 766 1 Riddles
Your Shadow Anthony Ibeh2012-1-8 747 0 Riddles
Poem Riddle Marvenea Rainwater2011-11-22 1202 9 Riddles
AMAZING RIDDLE Mandakini Mahajan2011-11-20 1090 3 Riddles
so be it! Priyank Chauhan2011-8-1 1329 3 Riddles
With its brave Pattra Shuwaswat2011-7-19 1294 0 Riddles
its not maths. Priyank Chauhan2011-7-14 1135 3 Riddles
What is It? Morgan Estep2011-6-4 1224 1 Riddles
life and death Charbel Saghbini2011-5-2 1577 2 Riddles
PROVERBS Ogoh Ejovwoke2011-4-30 1634 0 Riddles
The movie Makaylynn Seeley2011-2-28 1135 0 Riddles
GUESS? Km Tii2011-1-4 1752 11 Riddles
I'm Not Too Old Nicole Cowdrey2011-1-4 1920 2 Riddles
Who am I? Km Tii2010-12-29 1704 1 Riddles
Hands Up Linda Chew2010-10-18 1106 0 Riddles
Hawaiian Linda Chew2010-10-10 1048 0 Riddles
funny Karina Jebodhsingh2010-8-16 1319 2 Riddles
who am I(I will say the answer when I get 13 or more guesses so try to guess and write your guess as Karina Jebodhsingh2010-6-26 1433 17 Riddles
what did the little chicken say to the bully Karina Jebodhsingh2010-6-9 1367 1 Riddles
what is a dog's favourite pizza? Karina Jebodhsingh2010-6-9 1323 1 Riddles
concience say what Christopher Carder2010-4-14 1140 0 Riddles