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Most Recent Jokes submitted

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Special Note: Recent Poem Submissions can be found at Recent Poems Page
How does an ape get through your door? Daniel Law2015-5-24 411 0 Jokes
Something to make you laff a little... Rufus Brughs2015-5-16 385 1 Jokes
What colour juice is apple & mango juice? Daniel Law2015-5-9 352 1 Jokes
What do you call an orange and apple in love? Daniel Law2014-8-20 571 2 Jokes
The Promised Land. Eliseo Cinco iii2014-8-4 478 1 Jokes
Nigerian Pun Osasemwinhia Ogboghodo2014-5-7 697 1 Jokes
silent night Samson Iyanda2014-3-22 660 1 Jokes
mistaken identity Samson Iyanda2014-3-22 577 0 Jokes
confessions Samson Iyanda2014-3-12 565 1 Jokes
The ‘Charles A. Sides’ Memorial Challenge The Dreaded “Honey Do” Pattra Shuwaswat2014-1-13 653 3 Jokes
I HAVE A VISION James Thompson2013-11-30 725 1 Jokes
Funny definitions Meghna Barad2013-11-12 620 2 Jokes
Road-Kill ! Eliseo Cinco iii2013-11-10 614 0 Jokes
THE GRASS IS GREENER James Thompson2013-10-22 580 0 Jokes
Usa.Usa. U.S.A. Eliseo Cinco iii2013-10-15 563 0 Jokes
Outstanding! Samson Iyanda2013-8-29 2549 0 Jokes
Hope everyone is in good sprits matthew Bill2013-8-12 1070 8 Jokes
BABY ON WHEELS ! Drsudarsan Prasad2013-7-24 866 5 Jokes
GAS MANIA Drsudarsan Prasad2013-7-22 961 6 Jokes
HEADS AND HOW TO READ THEM James Thompson2013-7-20 810 0 Jokes
The Hypochondriac Drama Queen Skye Bagshaw2013-1-18 1059 0 Jokes
In my DREAM Sania Bashir2012-12-16 1012 0 Jokes
The Advantage Of Planning Linda Bates Terrell2012-11-27 1596 0 Jokes
What'chu Like Pattra Shuwaswat2012-8-25 1164 0 Jokes
Knock Knock,Special version! and also a moral lesson. Minha Kamal2012-8-20 1124 4 Jokes
Who's at the door? Minha Kamal2012-8-20 1089 0 Jokes
The naughty girl Minha Kamal2012-8-20 1521 0 Jokes
The stolen purse Minha Kamal2012-8-20 1076 0 Jokes
The Dad and his Son Minha Kamal2012-8-20 1099 2 Jokes
Hilarious Relation Between Country Names And Their Meanings Meghna Barad2012-7-11 1478 8 Jokes
killed Daja Goodman2012-6-8 1151 0 Jokes
Greeting Teacher ( Sensei ni rei ) Pattra Shuwaswat2012-5-25 2390 0 Jokes
STAY COOL James Thompson2012-4-27 1309 0 Jokes
Blondie Megan Davidson2012-4-25 1086 1 Jokes
Yum Tracy Windisch-Mason2012-4-16 1240 2 Jokes
EASTER CAPERS ! Drsudarsan Prasad2012-4-8 990 0 Jokes
Drive Tracy Windisch-Mason2012-4-6 1155 4 Jokes
ADAM-EVE Athira Palangat2012-4-4 1256 1 Jokes
Gunsmoke Tracy Windisch-Mason2012-4-2 1272 0 Jokes
Train JourneyWife and Husband Sachin Mohanty2012-3-28 1095 0 Jokes