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Emomoemi NewcourtNigeria Child, Not Bride. 42 0Poem
phillip flockhartThailand Untitled 14 1Poem
Robert MooreAustralia The British Soldier at Balaclava 15 2Poem
Beverly AbriolPhilippines A True Love, Finally 17 2Poem
Michelle WitcherUSA It was never yours 40 1Poem
Adam ArcherAustralia THE SINE QUA NON OF AUTUMN 19 3Poem
James JonesUSA Cold 43 3Poem
Robert BrownUK rose 46 4Poem
aditya gotetiIndia smitten 29 2Poem
Lameck ArikaUSA in the realm 17 1Poem
Richard WilcoxUSA Why do you hate me 29 3Poem
Eric Beegee XI SangwaKenya Feelings That Transcend Space and Time 37 0Poem
Issa HarunaNigeria Poets are painters 63 3Poem
Olujames AdebondUSA Forgive Me 45 2Poem
Ayidu CharlesNigeria The Goat Catcher 51 1Poem
Florence OrolugbagbeNigeria Cultism - written in 2004 53 0Poem
One Of These DaysZimbabwe FAREWELL 33 0Poem