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I enjoy a number of interests including:
writing poetry, reading, card making, scrap booking, astronomy, photography, martial arts, attending concerts,
listening to music especially Aussie/New Zealand band EVERMORE.

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Haiku / Alliteration1342016256/18/20089/16/2019Alliteration - Haiku
I WISH I WERE...9606122106/23/20089/16/2019Metaphor - Love
THE RIPPLE EFFECT – An Onomatopoeia64124267/7/20089/10/2019Onomatopoeia - Other
OPPOSITES ATTRACT - A Reversed Ethere Poem using Antonyms50455286/25/20089/7/2019Ethere - Love
A NATURAL BEAUTY43055286/15/20089/11/2019Daughters - A Mother's Love
CONSUMING DELIGHTS41616146/20/20089/16/2019Funny Sonnets - Not Categorized
FOREVERMORE39971156/20/20089/10/2019Clerihew - Funny
Haiku / Alliteration29363006/9/20089/5/2019Alliteration - Haiku
SWEETHEART 28153007/20/20089/15/2019Free Verse - Beautiful Love
THE TIME OF MY LIFE - An Acrostic Rhyme27997007/2/20089/14/2019Acrostics - Life
DAUGHTER’S DEPICTION - An Acrostic Alliterative Rhyme 27449147/3/20089/10/2019Acrostics - Daughters
MY SUMMER, MY SPRING25677006/11/20089/13/2019Daughters - A Mother's Love
FOUR SEASONS OF SENTIENCE252612005/9/20089/3/2019Daughters - A Mother's Love
THE MANY FACES OF MINE23982136/4/20088/29/2019Life - Sonnets
CHILLY AUSSIE WINTER - A Quinzaine Rhyme208310387/9/20089/10/2019Other - Winter
AN ODE TO INFLUENZA20677147/12/20088/24/2019Funny - Ode
THE HOMESTEAD SOMEHOW STANDS20346146/15/20089/8/2019Alliteration - Nature
A TRANSITORY CATCHPHRASE – An Alliterative Rhyme20030007/19/20089/4/2019Alliteration - Funny
RESTLESS FLAME19594146/30/20088/27/2019Sonnets - Lost Love
THE FOND AND THE FOLLY – *An Onomatopoeia19361007/23/20089/11/2019Onomatopoeia - Lost Love
IMAGINE GRANDMOTHER19085266/22/20089/15/2019Free Verse - Grandparents, Grandmother, Grandfather
BENEATH THE SOUTHERN CROSS19016156/4/20089/3/2019Nature - Not Categorized
THE MOON TOLD ME HER SECRET1861193126/22/20089/15/2019Ethere - Not Categorized
TO CATCH A CONSTELLATION16924126/24/20089/11/2019Not Categorized - Tanka
STEALING TIME – A Paradelle, For My Daughter Adelle16373007/22/20089/2/2019Daughters - A Mother's Love
BAND PLAYS - A Cinquain, Syllables Format16372007/8/20089/13/2019Cinquain - Other
WHAT FOUR?15812006/18/20089/8/2019Funny Narrative - Season
HAIKU15621146/25/20089/3/2019Grandparents, Grandmother, Grandfather - Haiku
Haiku15155156/12/20089/12/2019Haiku - A Mother's Love
DRIFTED14534006/18/20088/29/2019Beautiful Love - Falling in Love
THE VIEW14361006/10/20088/28/2019Free Verse - In Love
BUILDING CASTLES IN THE AIR13703006/8/20089/16/2019Free Verse - Not Categorized
HAIKU13511006/24/20088/30/2019Daughters - Haiku
THE ROVING OF A WRANGLER - A Reversed Ethere13488007/7/20089/3/2019Cowboy - Ethere
ROMANTIC TENDENCIES – A Cinquain, Adjectives Format13152007/20/20089/12/2019Cinquain - Love
KALEIDOSCOPIC12585146/12/20088/23/2019Cinquain - Not Categorized
THE WILTED GARDEN – A Petrarchan Sonnet12512007/19/20089/16/2019Sonnets - Lost Love
THE SPECKLED NIGHTFALL 12462006/23/20089/1/2019Daughters - A Mother's Love
LOVE'S DIVINE - A Double Ethere Poem12123006/24/20089/13/2019Ethere - First Love
Haiku11331006/7/20088/29/2019Haiku - Not Categorized
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