Dirk Rukka Sandarupa Poems

My name is Dirk Sandarupa, from Indonesia...
I love to write and travel...
I love the nature...
I love animals...
My words are for you...
Instagram : @diruku86
Email : diruku86@gmail.com

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Love My Name, My Body, My Face28620112/2/20119/19/2019Love - I Love Poetry
Run Fast Like Fire22164002/2/20119/19/2019Not Categorized - Slam
ROSE15870001/14/20119/19/2019Nature - Name
TEARS OF HEART12271139/25/20089/19/2019
BELIVEN YOURSELF12172145/22/20089/19/2019
Flashback My Memory Of My Life11551131/27/20099/19/2019
Love???11521008/16/20109/19/2019Not Categorized - Greatest Love
MY BEST FRIEND11431135/22/20089/19/2019
ROSE11390001/14/20119/19/2019Nature - Name
Take a Risk Not Afraid to Fail113830012/22/20109/19/2019
Unwanted Wish11170009/6/20109/19/2019
CRAZY PEOPLE MAKES CRAZY WORLD10872145/22/20089/19/2019
Ocean Eyes10672273/11/20119/19/2019
BYE-BYE "SEE YA...IN" (MY VERS10421145/22/20089/19/2019
Last Song (Broken Dream Case)103800012/22/20109/19/2019
The born of imperfection (A dedication poem)10270008/26/20109/19/2019Not Categorized - Tributes, Memorials
Men will be boy, Women will be women10060002/2/20119/19/2019
Money Holiday (Holidays never last)98110012/23/20109/19/2019
DISASTER AMBITION9540009/26/20089/19/2019
WHEN DESTINY SPEAKS95201310/9/20089/19/2019
Free The Animals9180005/2/20099/19/2019
AT YOUNGER AGE (DON'T REGRET IT)9130001/14/20119/19/2019
The Next Day9000005/2/20099/19/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Hope
was i was the one to blame?88410012/22/20109/19/2019
LOVE???7870138/16/20109/19/2019Not Categorized - Greatest Love
I present this.....7790008/16/20109/19/2019
Lonely Desert7763142/4/20119/19/2019
Aren't They Beautiful7670001/4/20119/19/2019
Never ask, but i have my rights7620005/2/20099/19/2019
A MOMENT LIKE THIS7480009/6/20109/19/2019
Shake That Bang7450002/5/20119/19/2019
A Millions Way From Here7380005/4/20099/19/2019
I Am7201009/14/20109/19/2019
The Virus, Who Should We BLAME For?7120005/2/20099/19/2019Life - Peace
Killing Face With Money7000002/4/20119/19/2019
Symptons Of You6951009/14/20109/19/2019
The Freedom Country6821003/11/20119/19/2019
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