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I'm older but, not old at least in my opinion. I've been writing since I was about 12 years old. I haven't shown it to many people. So, why not?

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CYCLONE24132006/22/20089/18/2019Free Verse - Life
ETERNAL KISS23605266/22/20089/20/2019Free Verse - Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you
Through The Years193710011/27/20119/18/2019Anniversary - Anniversary Love
THE FLOWERS OF AUSWCHWITZ15354159/2/20119/18/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Holocaust
TOMMORROW NIGHT14541146/22/20089/21/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Lost Love
where no one comes12222003/5/20099/18/2019Not Categorized - War
ANOTHER YEAR10792006/22/20089/18/2019Free Verse - Life
Private Hell102500012/29/20119/18/2019Falling in Love - In Love
Embers Of Lenore10240009/8/20119/18/2019Missing You - Lost Love
I Tried To Grab A Breeze10020009/8/20119/18/2019
The Life We Had9620009/19/20119/18/2019
Tide95510012/28/20119/18/2019Not Categorized - Dark Love
Resolve9520009/1/20119/18/2019Not Categorized - Love
Puppy Love (Heroic Sonnet)9220134/4/20149/18/2019Sonnets - Lost Love
SURE TO RETURN AGAIN8930004/30/20129/21/2019
Soldiers In A Row86900011/27/20119/20/2019Political, War, International - War
When The Blood Runs Cold86600011/27/20119/18/2019Religious, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Baptist, etc. - War
SOLDIERS IN A ROW85000011/28/20119/18/2019
Relics84910010/28/20119/18/2019Funerals - Not Categorized
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not8062121/4/20149/18/2019Alliteration - Love
A River79320012/29/20119/18/2019Not Categorized - Love
Fire7900009/1/20119/18/2019Not Categorized - Love
A Christmas Song75600012/29/20119/18/2019Not Categorized - Christmas
Winter #174100012/29/20119/18/2019Season - Winter
To Remember7340151/24/20129/18/2019
To Live a Trees Life7311003/15/20129/18/2019Life - Nature
Sure To Return Again7210005/1/20129/18/2019Life - Love
CASTLES AND WAVES7172003/7/20129/18/2019Love - Falling in Love
Downtown Eyes71700011/27/20119/18/2019
Nature and Forces Of7100002/16/20129/18/2019
Pulse70200012/28/20119/18/2019Not Categorized - Love
One In A Million69010011/22/20119/18/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Political, War, International
NATURE AND FORCES OF6680002/16/20129/18/2019Life - Falling in Love
A Desire To Dance6342155/4/20139/18/2019Life - Not Categorized
The Sparrows Song6021009/1/20119/18/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Life
where peace lies5860157/14/20139/18/2019
Stardust In Her Eyes57611511/25/20139/18/2019Marriage - In Love
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