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James David Barber, Tim Burton, Percy Dovetonsils, Alexander Dumas, Theodor S. Geisel, Bret Harte, O. Henry, David Lynch, Society of Mary, Boris Pasternak, Laurence J. Peter, Rod Serling, William L. Shirer, Quentin Tarantino, Alfred Lord Tennyson, John Waters and R20250-1

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Steroid Age Mutant Baseball Players62271152/9/20091/21/2018Baseball - Sports
Hot, Wet - and Wanting More?585181512/10/20081/21/2018Dark Love - Forbidden Love
The Fortune of Stan Maslowski44781155/7/20091/22/2018Daughters - Daughter to Father
From the Edge of Stupidity41492141/1/20101/21/2018Carpe Diem - Hope
Secrets from Amber Ray40111156/5/20091/18/2018Daughter to Father - Veterans
Rainbow Death36622142/25/20101/21/2018Sorry - Veterans
The Great Airline Price Increase32503258/21/20081/22/2018Funny - Narrative
Zhivago Effect and the New World Order32451111/24/20101/22/2018Acrostics - Political, War, International
The Silencing Waters of Leon Creek30221157/4/20101/19/2018Free Verse - Veterans
Tale of Tiger Tail?296901512/1/20091/22/2018Sports - Forbidden Love
Bill Clinton's Secret Gift for Kim Jong-il29570008/9/20091/19/2018Political, War, International - Humorous
Racing Pelvic Thunder on the Appalachian Trail29370112/4/20101/18/2018Humorous - Forbidden Love
The Cockroach Prince and Other Casual Memories27790001/16/20091/21/2018Good Bye - Veterans
Secrets of the Lady Suzanne27500009/18/20091/20/2018Daughter to Father - Father
Now On the Other Side273001112/21/20091/16/2018Acrostics - Memorial
Swedish Eyes270221412/10/20081/22/2018Acrostics - Metaphor
Choctaw Cold Case267310011/12/20081/20/2018Acrostics - Native American
Red, White, Blue - and Orange?25081003/8/20101/21/2018Veterans - War
Texas Fixes Whatz Rong with Amurican Hiztury Textbooks24410005/23/20101/21/2018Allusion - Humorous
Bluebonnet Friends of Grapevine Springs Park23741002/11/20091/15/2018Acrostics - Daughter to Father
YOUR Woman. MY Woman! YOUR Wife?232610011/21/20081/20/2018Forbidden Love - Funny Love
Your Woman. My Woman! Your Wife - AN EYEFUL?22000008/23/20091/17/2018Free Verse - Free Love
Your Woman. My Woman! Your Wife TOO?21610001/5/20091/17/2018Forbidden Love - Funny Love
Betrayal of Baron 5221320002/3/20091/19/2018Political, War, International - Veterans
Versatile Beauty212700012/8/20081/15/2018Beautiful - Forbidden Love
George in Black and White212220011/11/20081/16/2018Veterans - War
Matthew Christopher Whitley and the Lost Treasure of Albert Pike203400012/9/20081/19/2018Acrostics - Metaphor
Class Reunion Surprises?19812003/25/20091/20/2018Acrostics - Life
Maple Leaf Mail Enhancement198000010/14/20091/17/2018Allegory - Humorous
Lusting for Pinkie's19690007/8/20091/16/2018Dark Love - Forbidden Love
The Last Prisoner of Qari196410012/7/20081/16/2018Allegory - Acrostics
Lust on Whispering Hills Lane194921311/21/20081/15/2018Forbidden Love - Funny Love
Retribution Against Truth?191600010/1/20091/18/2018Acrostics - Life
Premature Elation191231411/13/20081/16/2018Forbidden Love - Funny Love
I'll be Cloned for Christmas - and Then Sum181800011/11/20081/16/2018Funny - Christmas
Christmas on the Black Pearl181400012/15/20081/21/2018Veterans - Christmas
The Texas Governor Who Tolled Christmas180701511/18/20081/17/2018Acrostics - Christmas
Revenge of the Choctaw Nation Light Horsemen17941117/24/20101/20/2018Free Verse - War
Allergy Free Cat177001212/12/20081/15/2018Allegory - Cats
Christmas at Blue River176800012/5/20081/15/2018Veterans - Christmas
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