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Rajaram Ramachandran,88 years old,is living in Juhu, Mumbai, India. He has been writing poems since 1965 and has written several poetry books (1) Ramayana (2) Krishna Leela, (3) Mahabharat, (4) The story of Nalan, (5) Sakuntala (6) The story of Harichandran (7) Adi Sankara (8) The Holy Bible, (9) Saint Bernadette (10) Silappadigaram or The Killer Anklet (11) Manimegalai (12) A Bouquet of Oriental Poems and (13) Meera, a Star is born, (14) Saint Thyagaraja (15) Gautama Buddha,(16) Swami vivekananda, (17) Mother Teresa,and (18)Srila Prabhupada (ISKCON), (19) Andal (20) Lava and Kusa, and (21)Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, (22) Tirukkural by Tiruvalluvar (23) Ramana Maharishi, 24. Kanchi Maha Swami, 25. Sri Ramanuja. His Ramayana is very popular among the children and is commended by the former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Sahitya Akademi, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and host of other poetry lovers. Please visit his website: www.divinechannel.in
His email rajaram1931@gmail.com

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Unity in Diversity4179014159/8/20086/3/2020
The Dignity of Labour10218421011/4/20086/3/2020
Time And Tide Waits For No Man586711511/16/20086/2/2020
Bible (47) Washing The Feet564901111/1/20106/3/2020
04. Rath-yatra Festival39982133/12/20126/2/2020
A Tear for a Bird35945298/16/20086/2/2020Birds - Ode
Bible (48) The Lord's Supper329820011/2/20106/1/2020
Idiom, Idiotic or Funny Words313801110/16/20085/31/2020
A Golden Cage28867008/16/20085/30/2020
The foster mother's love28841159/6/20086/1/2020
No Loss No Gain28111159/18/20085/28/2020
The Wasted Tears 26980159/7/20086/3/2020
Unity of the Elements26922008/18/20086/2/2020Funerals - Life
An Universal Religion25660159/8/20086/3/2020
Bible (16) The Twelve Disciples242821110/1/20105/28/2020
Bible (40) The Death of Lazarus242210010/25/20106/3/2020
Vivekananda (17) Service to the Humanity23420006/16/20106/1/2020
Life isn't a bed of roses22991008/19/20086/2/2020
Carrot and Stick22593148/18/20086/1/2020
Parable of the Prodigal Son22501009/14/20085/28/2020
Laughter is the best medicine22471008/20/20086/3/2020Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Life
Ramayana (26) Soorpanaka, Ravana's Sister22410118/15/20105/29/2020
Bible (25) The Transfiguration224000010/10/20106/2/2020
Ramayana (38) Hanuman Crossing The Ocean22371008/27/20106/3/2020
Peace or war, it's for you to decide22352158/20/20085/28/2020Inspirational Poems, Motivational - War
A do-before-danger fish22341008/16/20085/28/2020
The Best Smile22121008/16/20086/3/2020
Habits die hard22100008/21/20085/24/2020Life - Narrative
Our Mother Earth22092008/20/20086/1/2020
Peace be with you (Latin-Pax Vobiscum)21991119/4/20085/24/2020
A Driftwood I'm21951118/16/20085/31/2020
Know the Game of Life21862008/16/20086/3/2020
Marriage is made in heaven21501008/16/20085/31/2020
30. Holy Bible (OT) - Sisters Leah and Rachel21420003/19/20116/1/2020
Ramayana (34) Rama Sees Sita's Jewels21240008/23/20106/3/2020
The Village School Master208410010/30/20086/3/2020
An Indian Marriage Scene20594149/3/20086/1/2020
A Mother's Wings19741009/6/20086/3/2020
Double Life19206008/19/20085/31/2020
A BUD CRUSHED UNDER THE FOOT19052008/16/20085/31/2020News - Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you
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