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Rajaram Ramachandran,88 years old,is living in Juhu, Mumbai, India. He has been writing poems since 1965 and has written several poetry books (1) Ramayana (2) Krishna Leela, (3) Mahabharat, (4) The story of Nalan, (5) Sakuntala (6) The story of Harichandran (7) Adi Sankara (8) The Holy Bible, (9) Saint Bernadette (10) Silappadigaram or The Killer Anklet (11) Manimegalai (12) A Bouquet of Oriental Poems and (13) Meera, a Star is born, (14) Saint Thyagaraja (15) Gautama Buddha,(16) Swami vivekananda, (17) Mother Teresa,and (18)Srila Prabhupada (ISKCON), (19) Andal (20) Lava and Kusa, and (21)Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, (22) Tirukkural by Tiruvalluvar (23) Ramana Maharishi, 24. Kanchi Maha Swami, 25. Sri Ramanuja. 26, The Mother, a Force of Action, 27. Shirdi Sai Baba.

His Ramayana is very popular among the children and is commended by the former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Sahitya Akademi, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, and host of other poetry lovers. Please visit his web

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Ramayana (28) Mareecha Turned Golden Deer18100118/17/20107/9/2020
Ramayana (18) Dasaratha's Last Moments16441008/7/20107/10/2020
Birth and Death Cycle15862008/21/20087/12/2020
Ramayana (01) The Hunter Turned Poet, Valmiki15740007/21/20107/11/2020
All're equal in a country 15400009/8/20087/12/2020
The Balance of Life and Death15280009/19/20087/12/2020
The Unfathomable Ocean15221009/10/20087/10/2020
Mother Teresa (10) The Orphanage Children152122811/19/20107/11/2020
Religion in the eyes of a dove15180009/5/20087/12/2020
The Life of Jesus Christ15151009/15/20087/6/2020
The Untamable Shrew150800011/13/20087/2/2020
Mother Teresa (02) A Passion For Public Service149331411/11/20107/3/2020
Vivekananda (15) Prayers to Goddess Kali14770006/14/20107/9/2020
An advivce to a restless mind14453008/18/20087/8/2020
An Example is Better Than Precept144300010/2/20087/8/2020
19. Holy Bible (OT) - The Sinfulness of Sodom14383003/8/20117/12/2020
Man, Know your limit14081008/21/20087/12/2020Life - Nature
Bible (19) The Death Of John, The Baptist140701110/4/20107/7/2020
Ramayana (53) Defeated Ravana Was Sent Back14040009/11/20107/11/2020
Ramayana (17) Life in Chitrakoot14040118/6/20107/7/2020
Ramayana (51) Ravana's Tricks With Sita13970009/9/20107/11/2020
Hunger the Pang13951008/21/20087/11/2020
63, Holy Bible (OT) - The Fall Of Jericho13851004/26/20117/9/2020
Mother Teresa (09) Shanti Nagar For Lepers138410011/18/20107/3/2020
A Silver lining in the Darkest Cloud13811009/12/20086/30/2020
A Pleasure in the Pain?13720008/20/20087/12/2020
A Lesson to Ponder Over13651008/17/20087/5/2020Nature - Not Categorized
Ramayana (27) Soorpanaka's Evil Designs13630008/16/20106/28/2020
The Way to Heaven135800011/8/20087/3/2020
72. Holy Bible (OT) - Samson And Delilah13500005/5/20117/12/2020
Bible (20) Jesus Walks On Water134500010/5/20107/2/2020
My 82nd Birthday13306147/12/20127/12/2020
20. Holy Bible (OT) - Abraham and Abimelech13160003/9/20117/8/2020
Mother Teresa (16) Compassion And Love131300011/25/20107/3/2020
Never advise a fool130300011/3/20087/6/2020
Who is Superior?129100011/5/20087/2/2020
13. Holy Bible (OT) - Abram and Lot separate12871003/2/20117/4/2020
02. Holy Bible (OT) - The Garden of Eden12820002/20/20117/12/2020
Bible (23) People's Faith On Jesus127410010/8/20107/9/2020
Ramayana (16) Meet Guha, the Chieftain12710008/5/20107/11/2020
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