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I have been writing poetry since 1995 on various subjects concerning human relation and human behaviour, including sex without which there is no life. I hail from Tamil Nadu in South India.
I am a retired Government Class I officer. My passion is reading classics - English. I have penned more than 8500 poems, most of them simple and nude without ornamental adjectives. Many will provoke your thoughts
I am married, a daughter and her two sons and a son with his two daughters and a son, my soul. I am Hindu and an atheist. my blog: rmshanmugam.blogspot.com
m email: rmshanmug@gmail.com
for my EBooks www.amazon.com/rm shanmugam chettair

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Rebirth 421121512/15/20118/8/2020Not Categorized - God
Cheats and fools381601412/15/20118/13/2020Life - Not Categorized
Routines 378800012/13/20118/8/2020Not Categorized - Religious, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Baptist, etc.
Cleopatra’s glory21055158/17/20088/8/2020
The basic needs169400010/10/20088/8/2020
Smile14654252/24/20108/8/2020Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Not Categorized
To make one smile13861142/11/20098/8/2020
The yellow must remind the green136500010/10/20088/8/2020
The verger [Somerset Maugham's short story]^132800012/25/20118/8/2020
The one sided love12921009/21/20098/10/2020
The death certificate12110004/27/20118/8/2020
Scriptures are not dear to God.114810012/13/20118/8/2020Not Categorized - God
To shine under the sky114700012/13/20118/8/2020Life - Not Categorized
My love must be alive11210004/23/20118/10/2020
The generated love110800012/13/20118/8/2020Not Categorized - God
The risk of growing10990004/27/20118/8/2020
They aren’t idle108410012/13/20118/8/2020
I owe all to her 10810002/24/20108/8/2020Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Valentines Day
The candle and the fly 108130011/9/20088/8/2020
Thomas Hardy10770009/19/20088/8/2020
Lasting attributes10700009/9/20088/8/2020
Fading with the time10602009/21/20098/8/2020
Preachers are jasmine10590004/23/20118/8/2020
The Valentine’s Day 10591134/23/20118/8/2020
All are faithless10580004/27/20118/13/2020
Marriage to be outdated. 10522009/21/20098/11/2020
About the silence105000012/13/20118/12/2020
Truth takes colour10490009/21/20098/8/2020
The Minority Government104100010/17/20088/8/2020
You are made a debtor103420010/10/20088/8/2020
Hopes and faith^10340009/19/20088/8/2020
Admit the truth10260004/23/20118/8/2020
Not that ‘love for love10260004/23/20118/13/2020
Reading romantic novels10240009/21/20098/8/2020
Praying is a fancy102100012/13/20118/8/2020Not Categorized - Religious, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Baptist, etc.
Consensual sex101900010/17/20088/8/2020
The trunk only beams.10171004/22/20118/9/2020
Over use9951008/28/20118/8/2020
The cost of love98300012/24/20088/8/2020
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