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I have been writing poetry since 1995 on various subjects concerning human relation and human behaviour, including sex without which there is no life. I hail from Tamil Nadu in South India.
I am a retired Government Class I officer. My passion is reading classics - English. I have penned more than 8500 poems, most of them simple and nude without ornamental adjectives. Many will provoke your thoughts
I am married, a daughter and her two sons and a son with his two daughters and a son, my soul. I am Hindu and an atheist. my blog: rmshanmugam.blogspot.com
m email: rmshanmug@gmail.com
for my EBooks www.amazon.com/rm shanmugam chettair

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Hope shadows fear8661009/14/20117/11/2020
Don’t compare.8511002/4/20127/9/2020
Woman as mother7110009/21/20097/12/2020
The function of religions70910010/10/20087/8/2020
The couple remains together.70810012/11/20087/8/2020
The entities6760004/23/20117/12/2020
Helen of Troy6743008/17/20087/12/2020
Sex differs from love6680009/27/20097/8/2020
A horse and an ass6681004/22/20117/8/2020
A strong conviction 6680004/30/20107/8/2020
The concept of the Soul 66720010/27/20087/8/2020
Eye contacts6481008/9/20117/12/2020
Male parental hierarchy. 6430009/27/20097/12/2020
Depression’s effects6413006/12/20127/8/2020
The society knows it.6381152/4/20127/8/2020
About infidelity 6320008/9/20117/3/2020
Denotation and connotation6300005/1/20097/13/2020
A woman fortyplus aspires6301009/16/20087/11/2020
Scorn them.6280009/14/20117/9/2020
Still it’s in consciousness.6260009/25/20117/9/2020
Could be a cruel mother62300010/17/20087/8/2020
The escapism6192157/15/20127/9/2020
Perception is fluid.6160006/11/20137/5/2020
Prosperity and poverty60920010/10/20087/14/2020
The God is in demand6070009/9/20087/8/2020
Views change6071145/24/20127/12/2020
Subject to fate6031002/11/20127/8/2020
Love should not cage6001154/6/20127/8/2020
Rights usurped6000009/9/20087/8/2020
Be realistic to your heirs5991005/17/20127/9/2020
Promises are broken. 5981154/30/20127/10/2020
The conditioned mind5960001/11/20147/10/2020
Who is richer?5940009/9/20087/13/2020
Eyes are pests5920008/9/20117/11/2020
Confidence boosts5821008/28/20117/13/2020
Value is need based5740004/1/20107/10/2020
Both are as best57310010/10/20087/8/2020
Both are as best5691139/10/20087/6/2020
Sycophants 56500012/15/20117/9/2020Life - Not Categorized
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