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My life has been filled with blessings and self discoveries. My first book has been published: "Within These Branches: Poetry of Life and Nature". Would never have dreamed it could happen. I am in process of another book of poetry and a novel. It is never too late! I have a wonderful family: husband, 2 sons 2 daughters and 4 beautiful grandchildren. Poetry has always been a great interest to me since I was a teenager. I am so thankful for this website, where creativity abounds. I feel energized and passionate about writing and anticipate the unique poems I read. Poetry is forever around us in countless forms. I also enjoy various types of music and play the piano. I particularly enjoy the beauty and magic of nature.

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TRIBUTE TO A GREAT UNCLE241752272811/14/20096/25/2017Tributes, Memorials - Uncle
Tears Too Late15875138136010/26/20086/25/2017Narrative - Dark Poems, Depressing Poems, Death
TRAFFIC LIGHTS117512321012/17/20086/24/2017Metaphor - Narrative
MUSIC TO MY EARS117072262710/30/20086/24/2017Alliteration - Music, Instruments, Lyrics
HAIR STYLIST'S LAMENT106241331411/9/20086/24/2017Funny - Narrative
SNOWFLAKES105542052212/9/20096/25/2017Alliteration - Winter
AT THE OLD BALL GAME1013884126/2/20106/25/2017Alliteration - Baseball
IT'S SPRING!7568235153/17/20096/24/2017Alliteration - Spring
PEACE AND HARMONY6706154154/18/20106/25/2017Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Religious, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Baptist, etc.
THE PATH OF AN HONORABLE MAN668094161/29/20096/25/2017Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Life
BREAKFAST ANYONE?6613204174/27/20096/25/2017Funny - Onomatopoeia
SUMMER AT THE SEASHORE659094197/6/20106/24/2017Alliteration - Summer
LITTLE BALLERINA655561210/28/20086/25/2017Daughters - Happy
CLOUDS6209243131/27/20096/25/2017Nature - Narrative
SURPRISE PARTY576113393/10/20096/25/2017Nature - Children, young kids, child
DAY TO NIGHT5634123115/16/20106/24/2017Nature - Sonnets
THE SHELL562163141/11/20096/25/2017Happy - Life
PROM NIGHT51515294/19/20116/24/2017Life - Teen Love
THE GREAT OUTDOORS511154154/20/20096/25/2017Alliteration - Nature
THE LAST LAUGH50621941811/11/20086/25/2017Life - Narrative
A PART OF YOU - A PART OF ME50372041912/13/20116/24/2017Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Life
PASSING THE TORCH45853152/28/20116/26/2017Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Life
THE BENCH452313299/24/20086/25/2017Narrative - General
FAVORITE OCTOGENARIAN448562511/7/20086/25/2017Friendship, Best Friend, Friend - Happy
THE LAST LEAF4465155209/13/20096/25/2017Metaphor - Season
SECOND CHANCE426672104/25/20096/24/2017Life - I'm Sorry Love
THE BALLAD OF BANDANNA SAM4259132911/2/20086/25/2017Ballad - Life
NEVER TO BE4246153117/6/20096/24/2017Love Sad - Forbidden Love
SEA MONSTER ENCOUNTER421533131/14/20096/24/2017Narrative - Ode
NATURE WALK4208134135/31/20096/26/2017Nature - Tanka
WHERE WAS IT?41119263/19/20096/25/2017Funny - Narrative
FRESH FLOWERS403644155/4/20096/24/2017Nature - Tanka
THE PERFECT LEAF38722452311/10/20086/25/2017Friendship, Best Friend, Friend - Narrative
TO MY CHILDREN381618281/10/20106/24/2017Children, children's - A Mother's Love
SWEET ROMANCE370382104/1/20096/24/2017Alliteration - Love
CAREER CHOICES35707279/5/20106/24/2017Narrative - Humorous
BENEATH THE MAGNOLIA TREE35135267/22/20106/24/2017Happy - Nature
BETWEEN THE RAINDROPS3413103124/22/20106/24/2017Alliteration - Spring
PLEA TO A HIPPIE3332243119/13/20086/24/2017Narrative - Ode
GARDEN OF LIFE330383108/19/20106/24/2017Grandparents, Grandmother, Grandfather - Inspirational Poems, Motivational
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