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Hi,I'm Ken,
I've been a traveller most of my life living and working in different countries throughout the world. I'm a widower and a grandfather to 2 beautiful adult granddaughters.I only started writing a few years ago.I've never been conciously exposed to poetry before or ever read any poety until quite recently. I have found that writing rhyming narrative poetry or ballad poetry is my comfort zone, I enjoy telling stories and bringing the emotion to my writing.I love words and their sounds and enjoy experimenting with their phrasing
and context.

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The Kings Shilling26954266/1/20106/16/2019Ballad - Narrative
The Algeria Match26713356/21/20106/16/2019Narrative - Soccer
Offer Me A Kindness25202141/17/20116/16/2019Funerals - Life
People Like Me23491146/1/20106/17/2019Life - Narrative
My Brother And Me23140002/19/20116/16/2019Brothers - Life
The Slovenia Game227333126/25/20106/16/2019Narrative - Soccer
‘ Ode to a Golf Ball ’19854007/25/20116/17/2019
Crying Inside19473116/15/20106/16/2019Life - Lost Love
Perhaps, Maybe, What If19242005/26/20106/16/2019Life - Narrative
The Ballad Of Joe Blake (Pt.1)18741116/7/20106/16/2019Ballad - Narrative
My Young Hussar18341157/5/20106/15/2019Ballad - Forbidden Love
The Ferrymans Fare17960145/24/20106/16/2019Ballad - Narrative
The Ballad Of Joe Blake (Pt.2)17390116/16/20106/16/2019Ballad - Narrative
The Solitude Of Loneliness17353007/2/20106/16/2019Life - Narrative
Adventure Land16982007/6/20106/16/2019Children, children's - Narrative
Zephyr ( the west wind )15271142/23/20116/16/2019Season - Spring
Evolutions Child14672151/30/20116/16/2019Life - Narrative
Once, Upon A Kiss14642151/8/20116/16/2019Life - Narrative
The Scarecrow Man13983007/19/20116/16/2019Not Categorized - Narrative
A Childhood To Last13590153/4/20116/16/2019Narrative - Children, young kids, child
Underneath The Mulberry Bush13502153/22/20116/16/2019Family - Not Categorized
So Hunger Cries133820010/22/20106/16/2019Life - Narrative
When A Friend You Need12952002/19/20116/16/2019Not Categorized - Spiritual
Was I Not, A Cavalier12750003/13/20116/17/2019Narrative - Other
The Girl With The Wobbly Knees12646275/20/20106/16/2019Limerick - Humorous
Tears12580006/17/20106/16/2019Cinquain - Lost Love
You May Lead My Horse To Water, But You Can't Make Him Drink12547153/8/20116/16/2019
Have You Found A Shadow125210011/12/20106/16/2019Not Categorized - Narrative
THE RAVENS LEAVE124400011/20/20086/16/2019
I AM BORN124000010/28/20086/16/2019Life - Other
A Time For Ghosts117010012/24/20106/16/2019Narrative - Christmas
Two Shadows11545276/8/20116/16/2019Life - Lost Love
The American Bloke11401007/21/20106/16/2019Life - Narrative
The Silence, Of Echo’s11332005/11/20116/16/2019Life - Not Categorized
Angels Must Fly11272007/27/20106/16/2019Life - Lost Love
Wither the wind blows, there falls the seed11026142/24/20116/16/2019
An Absence Of Time11013006/24/20116/16/2019Life - Narrative
Love10674001/18/20116/16/2019Life - Love
In My World Of Dreams105720012/23/20106/16/2019Missing You - Love
Blood Sweat And Tears10492006/29/20116/16/2019Narrative - Retirement
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