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Joining VoicesNet is the best thing any creative poet can do to further their challenges in writing. I do enjoy writing children's, poems, stories and book. I have published two books; Alisa's New Life by Linda Bates, and Nick Bradford's Ghostly Clients by Linda B Bates. It contains my prayer/poem 'I see...what I cannot see.' which is within my list of poems here on VoicesNet.
My books presently are available on many online books store sites.
I like to write from a childs point of view, though I am 61 now I still can see some things from a youthful mind in a most creative way. It makes it fun to write, as well as fun reading for all ages.
Three of my favorite poets are Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allen Poe, and James Whitcomb Riley.
Not all poems come from the heart some are created from sheer wisdom of ones inner soul.

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Twins Birthday92097113/12/20102/13/2020Birthday - Birthday Love
Same Price Of The Win---As The Loss.77684113/7/20102/12/2020Basketball - Sports
Be Yourself7483103132/1/20102/18/2020Daughters - Inspirational Poems, Motivational
Come little fish7466164183/16/20092/10/2020Fish - Life
The Great Fishing Story65683274/29/20092/12/2020Fish - Short Funny
A Pitchers Spin 60405266/19/20092/18/2020Baseball - Teen
Spring Cleaning57506292/25/20102/18/2020Humorous - Short Funny
My Growing Grandson55954005/3/20092/12/2020Life - Son
Oh My Little Bare Foot Boy546421211/2/20092/12/2020Baseball - Greatest Love
I Hate To Do Dishes5226145182/25/20092/17/2020Funny - Rhyming 2
Good Days--Bad Days--Inbetween51586263/15/20102/16/2020Cute - Rhyming 2
The Acorn's ride51118299/15/20092/11/2020Life - Children, young kids, child
Better Days Ahead49962006/8/20092/13/2020Rhyming 2 - Christian Love
Ants At The Picnic49333276/13/20092/17/2020Heart - Summer
The Smile To My Heart47866296/15/20092/17/2020Heart 2 - Love
Two Lives Meet47546004/12/20092/12/2020Falling in Love - Forbidden Love
Candies of Love466670012/12/20112/13/2020Love - Falling in Love
Hair With Flair44196254/12/20092/16/2020Funny - Free Verse
Christmas Tree Of Love432640012/12/20112/13/2020Christmas - Love
The Easter Egg Hunt41911003/30/20102/18/2020Children, children's - Easter
Never Chase a Leprechaun!41014003/14/20102/17/2020Holidays - Rhyming 2
Grandma's Boy39562138/9/20092/18/2020Grandparents, Grandmother, Grandfather - Greatest Love
Grandma's Love392573111/31/20092/18/2020Grandparents, Grandmother, Grandfather - Rhyming 2
M-O-T-H-E-R378533125/10/20092/17/2020Mothers Day - Funny Narrative
The Christmas Pickle Story 3695102912/17/20122/18/2020Season - Christmas
SMALL STEPS 35693273/9/20092/12/2020Free - American Love
Little Tiker Fisherman35590005/15/20102/8/2020Fish - Simile
Days gone by33982003/9/20092/16/2020Family - Funny Love
Earthly Angels33820007/6/20092/13/2020Angel - Christian Love
Temptation or love32530273/22/20092/13/2020Forbidden Love - Lost Love
SURVIVING MARRIAGE313600011/8/20082/18/2020Marriage - Rhyming 2
The Old School House31092004/21/20102/15/2020Thank you, gratitude - Tributes, Memorials
Flibber Flabber, Jibber Jabber.30562003/4/20092/12/2020Rhyming 2 - I Love Poetry
Raisins30231154/28/20092/12/2020Other - Short Funny
Christmas Dinner Chaos296001411/17/20102/5/2020Funny - Christmas
Disabled In Stride294263103/11/20092/18/2020Disabled Veterans - Christian Love
Run away from love,28321142/16/20092/16/2020Life - Sonnets
Love-----You vs Me28142009/20/20092/18/2020I'm Sorry Love - Lost Love
In God We Trust28103152/27/20092/12/2020Free - Rhyming 2
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