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I'm creating a profile because I was urged to do so, so forgive me if it's a little disjointed, lol... I was not planning to do this and haven't given it a whole lot of thought, but I've found many times in life that maybe that's the best way to do things. I was born in Minnesota, lived there til I was 18, then moved to Montana, stayed for a couple years, then left with my husband to tour the country on his 18 wheeler. I loved every second of it. I have a permanent case of wanderlust and no desire to cure it. My husband and I now live in Idaho, and have just returned from 2 weeks in Europe, which proved to be the most inspiring 2 weeks of my life. I've been writing since high school, but have only recently had the nerve to share anything I write. I'm nowhere near where I'd like to be with it yet, but maybe getting there is the important part, because what's left if you're not growing?

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Bitter Breath151420011/2/20109/19/2019Gothic - Not Categorized
Midnight Ride128131311/8/20109/18/2019Metaphor - Not Categorized
Legends118821411/6/20109/19/2019Metaphor - Not Categorized
One Word11765001/13/20119/18/2019Metaphor - Not Categorized
Ghost of You108251410/20/20109/18/2019
Ghost Song105132811/8/20109/18/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Not Categorized
Telegraph Road10505142/9/20119/18/2019Metaphor - Not Categorized
RIVER'S EDGE10190006/15/20129/19/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Not Categorized
Nightmares and Highways101032810/11/20109/18/2019
Cold Oak99921410/13/20109/18/2019
PRELUDE TO PERDITION9930008/1/20109/18/2019
GHOST OF YOU98920012/2/20109/18/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Not Categorized
Talk Sane97532610/30/20109/18/2019Not Categorized - Dark Poems, Depressing Poems, Death
Soft Words96921410/14/20109/18/2019
Rise Up96121511/3/20109/18/2019Life - Not Categorized
Becoming Legend9441007/13/20119/18/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Not Categorized
Laugh Wild9324149/27/20119/18/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Not Categorized
Speak9092003/2/20119/18/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Not Categorized
The Hunter90131410/13/20109/18/2019
Beneath the Moon8888009/19/20119/18/2019
In The Flesh88620011/6/20109/18/2019Metaphor - Not Categorized
Snakeskin Shine8812006/10/20119/18/2019Abstract - Not Categorized
Oh, Soul86331511/4/20109/19/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Not Categorized
Entombed85220010/22/20109/18/2019Free Verse - Not Categorized
Prelude to Perdition84920011/1/20109/18/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Not Categorized
Appassionata84831511/4/20109/19/2019Free Verse - Not Categorized
TAKE ME INTO EGYPT8303002/2/20119/18/2019
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