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OREDOLA IBRAHIM hails from Omu-Aran, a town in Kwara State, Nigeria. His poetry have appeared in many popular Newspapers and magazines in his home country and few international poetry collections. He has written many poems and has incomplete works in drama and prose. He's working tremendously on publishing his first work. His works are those that expresses intense emotions that touches the heart and moves the spirit. He is presently studying Law in the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

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THE CHILDREN’S DAY38292155/26/201012/5/2019Anniversary - Inspirational Poems, Motivational
MY LEADERSHIP SONNET29182142/20/201012/5/2019Anniversary - Inspirational Poems, Motivational
BIRTHDAY SONNET237730012/12/201012/5/2019Anniversary - Birthday
Elegy to a lady under the sod 21825002/20/201012/5/2019Funerals - Not Categorized
THE NIGHT OWL20805392/20/201012/5/2019Nature - Spiritual
RETROSPECT III17872009/9/201012/5/2019Life - Metaphor
bORN tO mARCH(ON MY BIRTHDAY)17384143/27/201112/5/2019Birthday - Nature
GOOD FRIDAY17010154/10/201012/5/2019Anniversary - Not Categorized
Words To J.E FLECKER15062159/13/201012/5/2019Poet - Tributes, Memorials
MOTHER NATURE I14822009/5/201012/5/2019Metaphor - Nature
SONS OF THE SOIL 14432002/20/201012/5/2019
EPITAPH FOR SEBE14271001/4/201012/5/2019Good Bye - Life
CANTECE DE ADIO14211008/8/201012/5/2019
BEAUTY PRAISE13805147/11/201112/5/2019
HORIZON137710012/6/200912/5/2019Politics - Nature
RETROSPECT II13771009/8/201012/5/2019Life - Metaphor
PROSAIC ERA (MONEY)13481002/20/201012/5/2019Metaphor - War
I AM WHO I AM13116142/1/201112/5/2019
DAY BREAK13082008/15/201112/5/2019
HERE MY BODY COMES13021112/20/201012/5/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Nature
KADDISH TO THE DYING YEAR12840151/1/201112/5/2019
The Clarion Call12740003/13/201112/5/2019Not Categorized - 9-11
TO THE ENTHRALLING SVELTE LASS123430010/12/201012/5/2019
BEHOLD! THE GIRL OF FAIRNESS12260276/29/200912/5/2019Life - Hope
TWENTY FIRST MYSTERY122300012/11/201012/5/2019Life - Not Categorized
OASIS OF DOOM11791009/2/201012/5/2019
LAMENTATIONS OF LOVE I11514159/7/201012/5/2019Memorial - Love
THE ZUMA ROCK11471156/14/200912/5/2019Political - Life
THE SKY MAY BE DARK TODAY...1138101512/19/201012/5/2019
OUR DARKNESS11071007/4/201112/5/2019
TRIBUTE TO ANTHONY ENAHORO110640012/19/201012/5/2019
THEAMATA OF GLAMOUR10955292/3/201112/5/2019
The Clarion Call10860003/13/201112/5/2019Not Categorized - 9-11
CHRISTMAS LINES10801002/20/201012/5/2019
HERITAGE IN OBLIVION10746153/22/201112/5/2019
THE WORLD TO END10743265/22/201112/5/2019
PRIDE 10512002/20/201012/5/2019
To my Kin Man10413004/30/201112/5/2019
PRAYER FOR GUIDANCE10383005/6/201112/5/2019Abstract - Written
KADDISH TO THE DYING YEAR10080111/12/201112/5/2019
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