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Some of these poems have appeared in poetry journals such as Beyond The Rainbow, FreeExpression and AustralianReader.com, I thank those editors for their support.In particular thanks to Beyond the rainbow who have published many of my poems in their issues, including 'lullaby for Tom Waits' and 'Into the quiet'. I find inspiration in strange places, the empty silence hearing me listen, the chaos with a broken mute button, the love sliding down the neck of a tall dark swan.I write poems that slip through my mind like rivers bent by thought and through the currents of emotion.I thank you for taking the time to read them. Also many thanks to all who take the time to respond, your encouragement and praise is very much appreciated as well as inspiring.

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almost fall down4758652112/16/20116/16/2019Happy - Ghetto Love
A final time4352052012/14/20116/18/2019Epic - Ghetto Love
CUTS2559021012/31/20096/16/2019Cacophony - Life
LULLABY FOR TOM WAITS2116231512/1/20116/24/2019Life - Poet
Quiet Heart - for Karen (Beyond the rainbow) 1926021011/23/20116/17/2019Life - Best Love
Sphere (Beyond the rainbow)183123151/19/20126/21/2019Boxing - Poet
STREET CHILD1805122101/19/20126/16/2019Teens - Winter
Nevermore1751031511/6/20116/23/2019Brothers - Dark Love
high school reunion16781007/15/20126/18/2019School - Life
yeah16470151/19/20126/21/2019Cartoon - Gothic Love
Smiley159121510/6/20116/21/2019Nature - Ghetto Love
A single candle (beyond the rainbow)154001512/20/20116/24/2019Hulk - Poet
Blindfold142222101/24/20126/23/2019Narrative - Dark Poems, Depressing Poems, Death
Until1408021010/24/20116/18/2019Poet - Season
the weary Orphan138701512/28/20116/16/2019Ballad - Life
travelling man135802101/30/20126/18/2019Poet - Season
INTO THE QUIET1346121011/4/20116/24/2019
the boat (Botany rd)1311052412/23/20116/22/2019Poet - Long Distance Love
Emptied (Beyond the rainbow)12770154/30/20126/16/2019Nature - Peace
Upon the well lit stage12584001/6/20126/23/2019Angel - Epic
Double Edged'12320002/29/20126/16/2019Abstract - Slam
Iceland123242912/6/20126/20/2019Abstract - Boxing
CHILDREN OF THE CONFLICT12140001/1/20106/16/2019Life - Not Categorized
Poet1207221011/25/20116/23/2019Life - Poet
into chaos (and chaos driven) - the next revision 119900012/29/20116/16/2019Ballad - Gothic Love
wreath1198321011/21/20126/22/2019Hulk - Ghetto Love
a Strangers' sky1195121012/10/20116/24/2019Ballad - Spiritual
rising sun11905155/13/20126/16/2019Love - First Love
a tiny seed of love was sown118616104510/5/20126/16/2019Not Categorized - Memorial
LITANY11850002/24/20126/21/2019Life - Slam
Love waits1170131512/10/20116/23/2019Not Categorized - Love
Vagrant..1157021011/30/20116/23/2019Nature - Love
caterpillars11521005/28/20126/16/2019Children, children's - Peace
Song11260151/11/20126/23/2019Poet - Slam
rhythm111803136/13/20126/23/2019Slam - Love
the human path11140001/21/20126/21/2019Free - Nature
morning news10884006/17/20126/24/2019Life - War
possibly (impossibly)10820005/7/20126/24/2019Good Bye - Love
crayons on a page10734006/13/20126/16/2019Life - Poet
Mask10602002/16/20126/18/2019Poet - Love
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