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Some of these poems have appeared in poetry journals such as Beyond The Rainbow, FreeExpression and AustralianReader.com, I thank those editors for their support.In particular thanks to Beyond the rainbow who have published many of my poems in their issues, including 'lullaby for Tom Waits' and 'Into the quiet'. .I thank you for taking the time to read them. Also many thanks to all who take the time to respond, your encouragement and praise is very much appreciated as well as inspiring.

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Mask11102002/16/20121/25/2020Poet - Love
Words counting off - Slowly Burnt 107201511/28/20111/24/2020Life - Nature
stray dogs9350004/19/20121/21/2020Concrete - Dark Poems, Depressing Poems, Death
December93060012/2/20121/21/2020Spiritual - Peace
gypsy love86811510/27/20121/25/2020Poet - Love
Allan (beyond the rainbow)83801511/13/20111/24/2020Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Life
Wings.. (1985)83100011/28/20111/21/2020Poet - Love
The truth about bears83021512/23/20111/25/2020Animals - Metaphor
obscurity8210005/13/20121/21/2020Nature - Poet
fingertips (revised)7980005/20/20121/25/2020Nature - Spiritual
Bags7932157/11/20121/21/2020Football - Friendship, Best Friend, Friend
snuffy and big bird78821510/12/20121/22/2020Animals - Cartoon
Dangerous men7660008/8/20121/21/2020Narrative - Dark Poems, Depressing Poems, Death
Tyler Durdens' corpse..7640003/28/20171/22/2020Spiritual - Ghetto Love
Angels in my soul76302101/1/20101/21/2020Life - Not Categorized
Natalie7604158/7/20121/21/2020Free - Life
Sirens7540151/19/20121/21/2020Friendship, Best Friend, Friend - Life
"HOW CAN A BIRD THAT'S BEEN BORN FOR JOY SIT IN A CAGE AND SING"7429295/6/20121/21/2020Ballad - Nature
Night dwindling7390003/10/20121/21/2020Allegory - Poet
Moon of no contest73720011/20/20111/21/2020Life - Love
beauty in waves73396292/19/20131/21/2020Ghetto Love - Gothic Love
night creatures7314009/25/20121/21/2020Rhyming - Children, young kids, child
SHADOWS TO OUR HEARTS7280008/9/20121/21/2020Family - Narrative
under the thunder7230003/30/20161/22/2020Hulk - Spiritual
Limbo-Street Shelter Blues7220001/8/20121/24/2020Life - Narrative
November exile71001511/19/20111/21/2020Good Bye - Life
disturbed7020151/10/20131/21/2020Life - Ghetto Love
the waiting room (revisited)7000007/5/20121/21/2020Nature - Narrative
Winter fire6970006/5/20121/21/2020Nature - Season
poor cat - botany bay6920002/3/20121/21/2020Fall - Political, War, International
first light6882157/16/20121/21/2020Missing You - Love
blood6870001/27/20121/23/2020Free Verse - Life
campfire6822157/6/20121/21/2020Nature - Narrative
Willow6794006/7/20121/21/2020Nature - Poet
LEGENDS OF LIFE6795155/13/20121/21/2020Life - Poet
The audience67302109/27/20121/21/2020Short Funny - Ghetto Love
a thought distracts - channels6700151/20/20121/21/2020Metaphor - Love
porcupine hearts and tree stumps6680008/2/20161/21/2020Ghetto Love - Gothic Love
Breathe6672005/23/20121/21/2020Life - Poet
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