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I am 64 years old , retired and getting older by the day haha.. My daughter , and youngest child is 19 and my son is now 22 years old. And now I find that I don't have the energy to even try to keep up with them

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The Lion's Roar38782445252/6/20104/21/2019Animals - Narrative
WHERE STREAMS OF ICE AND SNOW DOTH FLOW26501583123/1/20124/22/2019Nature - Peace
That Morning Cup of Coffee17644223145/8/20104/22/2019Funny - Narrative
THE ANGRY SEA1521646265/1/20114/20/2019Nature - Narrative
TURNING “50”!!!!!946019271/30/20104/23/2019
The Tale of Little Red Riding Hood841518154/3/20114/22/2019Narrative - Other
On Calvary's Hill7310195204/22/20114/23/2019Christian - Easter
Spring Has Sprung71438273/6/20104/22/2019Season - Spring
The Ballad of David and Goliath71014155/28/20104/19/2019Ballad - Christian
THE CURSE OF THE PIRATE TREASURE6494153121/30/20104/21/2019Narrative - Humorous
SOUNDS OF SPRING622516144/1/20104/23/2019Nature - Spring
The Colors of Spring50636142/27/20114/23/2019Nature - Spring
In The Days of Noah's Flood49282154/29/20104/22/2019Christian - Narrative
Dance of the Fireflies4884214125/14/20104/21/2019Narrative - Love
If I Were A Cloud46296128/24/20104/21/2019Nature - Narrative
Where Eagles Soar458512298/6/20104/21/2019Animals - Nature
To Every Thing a Season (Eccl. 3:1-8)45506152/12/20104/22/2019Christian - Religious, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Baptist, etc.
The Colors of Love 450962102/26/20104/22/2019Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Metaphor
The Wolf Pack's On The Prowl4410122108/13/20104/21/2019Animals - Nature
For God So Loved The World...427040010/9/20104/21/2019God - Christian Love
The Simple Things In Life42386008/3/20104/22/2019Family - Narrative
Christ's Scars of Love422485194/9/20104/20/2019Christian - Christian Love
Sasquatch416010275/22/20104/20/2019Animals - Narrative
WINTER'S END409312153/1/20114/22/2019Nature - Winter
A Golden Heart and A Turtle Dove40200153/29/20104/18/2019Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Marriage
The Snowman 392890011/11/20104/23/2019Narrative - Winter
It's Tough Getting Older 3860153124/17/20104/22/2019Narrative - Humorous
Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?37689153/25/20104/20/2019Funny - Funny Narrative
WINTER'S SILENCE3758331511/1/20104/21/2019Nature - Winter
God's Creation36467145/27/20104/21/2019Christian - Nature
The Gunfight 362815284/23/20104/21/2019Brothers - Narrative
THE FOREST AT NIGHT35822381/24/20104/21/2019Not Categorized - Narrative
“I'm Sitting Here and Wondering...”34882131/30/20104/22/2019Love - Long Distance Love
God's True Love33065005/31/20104/22/2019God - Christian Love
The Haunted House 329717136/5/20104/21/2019Not Categorized - Narrative
Jack and Jill: A Forensic Study32342114/16/20104/21/2019Narrative - Humorous
As Tender As The Rose317116287/15/20104/20/2019Sonnets - Love
The Greatest Story Told31244006/6/20104/20/2019Narrative - Christian Love
Seasons of the Heart29555002/11/20104/17/2019Metaphor - Love
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