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62 years ( + 4 months and counting :D) and semi retired. that means I am retired but still work part time to supplement my social security income, Still the father of 2 teenagers (though one is soon to be 20) my daughter is 16 but will be 17 in January.. Kind of hard to keep up with all that she does these days.. oh sigh :D

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The Lion's Roar37792445252/6/20109/19/2017Animals - Narrative
WHERE STREAMS OF ICE AND SNOW DOTH FLOW25629583123/1/20129/18/2017Nature - Peace
That Morning Cup of Coffee16665223145/8/20109/19/2017Funny - Narrative
THE ANGRY SEA1397746265/1/20119/19/2017Nature - Narrative
TURNING “50”!!!!!905419271/30/20109/18/2017
The Tale of Little Red Riding Hood785818154/3/20119/18/2017Narrative - Other
Spring Has Sprung68048273/6/20109/18/2017Season - Spring
The Ballad of David and Goliath67024155/28/20109/18/2017Ballad - Christian
On Calvary's Hill6627195204/22/20119/19/2017Christian - Easter
THE CURSE OF THE PIRATE TREASURE5718153121/30/20109/18/2017Narrative - Humorous
SOUNDS OF SPRING536916144/1/20109/18/2017Nature - Spring
Dance of the Fireflies4581214125/14/20109/18/2017Narrative - Love
To Every Thing a Season (Eccl. 3:1-8)42096152/12/20109/18/2017Christian - Religious, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Baptist, etc.
In The Days of Noah's Flood41902154/29/20109/18/2017Christian - Narrative
The Colors of Spring41906142/27/20119/19/2017Nature - Spring
If I Were A Cloud41816128/24/20109/18/2017Nature - Narrative
Where Eagles Soar415812298/6/20109/18/2017Animals - Nature
The Colors of Love 415162102/26/20109/18/2017Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Metaphor
The Wolf Pack's On The Prowl4143122108/13/20109/19/2017Animals - Nature
The Simple Things In Life39336008/3/20109/16/2017Family - Narrative
Christ's Scars of Love390485194/9/20109/18/2017Christian - Christian Love
Sasquatch388010275/22/20109/18/2017Animals - Narrative
For God So Loved The World...385640010/9/20109/18/2017God - Christian Love
It's Tough Getting Older 3607153124/17/20109/18/2017Narrative - Humorous
A Golden Heart and A Turtle Dove35690153/29/20109/16/2017Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Marriage
The Snowman 354190011/11/20109/18/2017Narrative - Winter
WINTER'S END346912153/1/20119/18/2017Nature - Winter
The Gunfight 343715284/23/20109/18/2017Brothers - Narrative
God's Creation33917145/27/20109/18/2017Christian - Nature
Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?33909153/25/20109/15/2017Funny - Funny Narrative
WINTER'S SILENCE3294331511/1/20109/18/2017Nature - Winter
THE FOREST AT NIGHT32852381/24/20109/18/2017Not Categorized - Narrative
“I'm Sitting Here and Wondering...”31992131/30/20109/18/2017Love - Long Distance Love
God's True Love30444005/31/20109/18/2017God - Christian Love
The Haunted House 294517136/5/20109/18/2017Not Categorized - Narrative
The Greatest Story Told29204006/6/20109/18/2017Narrative - Christian Love
As Tender As The Rose292016287/15/20109/18/2017Sonnets - Love
Jack and Jill: A Forensic Study28612114/16/20109/18/2017Narrative - Humorous
Seasons of the Heart26815002/11/20109/18/2017Metaphor - Love
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