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For me, Literature is the love of words. The Greek language is the highest human creation.
I teach the Greek language and I write texts for my students.
I also organize a reading club.
My blog : http://kitrinosryposblogspotcom.blogspot.gr/

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MY WORDS13753158/18/201010/17/2017
Love is strong118022105/27/201010/17/2017Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Love
THE PERFECT WOMAN101911512/7/201010/22/2017Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Greatest Love
BEFORE YOUR EYES8801154/25/201010/20/2017Life - Not Categorized
The desert of pain6431153/12/201210/13/2017
The miracle of writing6211158/22/201210/20/2017Not Categorized - Love
The Hellenic drama(A poem written in English with Greek words)59922103/21/201310/18/2017
The land of poetry5910156/6/201410/21/2017
The sun poet5621155/29/201310/20/2017Life - Summer
Eternal love5352159/3/201210/13/2017Marriage - Love
No face5203158/24/201210/21/2017Life - Love
The lonely world4881009/23/201210/17/2017Life - Not Categorized
After the sun4644156/6/201510/23/2017
The transiest teenage loneliness4511141/21/201310/13/2017Life - Love
You are44810011/29/201210/20/2017Not Categorized - Love
NEW YORK4372003/11/201410/21/2017
Voices Net43612912/7/201210/13/2017Life - Not Categorized
The feeling of touch 4254155/8/201510/22/2017
The call36700012/2/201310/19/2017Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Love
The answer3631153/5/201310/20/2017Life - Not Categorized
The sunrise of words36231511/21/201310/17/2017
The light of nowhere35542109/3/201410/13/2017
The light of destiny3420007/31/201410/21/2017Life - Love
Before sunrise33430011/14/201410/21/2017
Ode to my wife31620012/18/201410/13/2017Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Love
The sun of words3130003/24/201410/13/2017
The light of words3020003/14/201410/13/2017
The return30020011/30/201410/23/2017
A light full of words2854121/11/201510/17/2017
The season of love2840001/2/201510/18/2017
Among the kisses 2814004/4/201510/20/2017
The girl of all looks2722152/26/201510/22/2017
The sun of darkness2692009/26/201510/21/2017
The soul of our love2660006/26/201510/19/2017
The breath of happiness2642155/26/201510/19/2017
The land of beauty2630003/21/201510/13/2017
The library of faith2632006/20/201510/19/2017
The song of our soul2490001/28/201510/13/2017
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