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Rani Turton is an independant writer and poet, originally from Delhi but now living near Paris.

These poems are a selection of years of writing. They are all under strict textual and intellectual copyright. If you want to use excerpts from the poems for publication, teaching, scolarship or reference they MUST be credited. Copying, scraping or plagiarising is not appreciated. Please ask formal permission for publication in an anthology. Thank you for going through this selection.

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A LYRICAL FANTASY9194004/18/20105/30/2020Analogy - Not Categorized
Spider On The Wall90121210/17/20145/30/2020Allusion - Life
A Bridge, Some Dreams 8681006/13/20105/30/2020Written - Biography
The Days Are So Long, My Love8504154/23/20105/30/2020Love Sad - Lost Love
In This Silent Hour8493153/10/20115/30/2020Abstract - Life
Almost, Somewhere81450010/4/20105/30/2020Metaphor - Poet
Whenever My Soul, Like A Shrunken Dream81020010/7/20105/30/2020Poet - Spoken Word
(You'll Be My) Knight In Shining Armour8082005/16/20105/30/2020Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Rhyming 2
Walking On That Far Shore8035005/13/20105/30/2020Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Spiritual
Strange Days, Strange Lines7884144/19/20105/30/2020Life - Not Categorized
Pretend, Just Pretend7730131/16/20115/30/2020Love Sad - Love
THE ROSE AND THE SHADOW7440004/17/20105/30/2020
My Solitary Self7340007/6/20115/30/2020Abstract - Life
Let Me Memorise Your Face7182007/22/20125/30/2020Love Sad - Lost Love
So Ordinary7160007/12/20115/30/2020Heart 2 - Love
The Sick Bard6950005/3/20105/30/2020Life - Poet
A Bowl, A Coin, A Mat 6940144/28/20105/30/2020Life - Spoken Word
Home, As Distant As The Nearest Star6911008/11/20105/30/2020Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Heart
A Clock, A Street, A Tower6850004/20/20105/30/2020
CONSOLATION, IN DOUBT6832007/12/20105/30/2020Heart - Inspirational Poems, Motivational
Dance The Slow Music, The Sandstorm Swirls6779284/20/20105/30/2020Life - Music, Instruments, Lyrics
Clouds That Come And Go6551134/20/20105/30/2020Not Categorized - Season
I, Alone64520010/2/20135/30/2020Heart - Lost Love
Through Those Lanes, Lost, I Wander6342003/11/20115/30/2020Life - Metaphor
ALL I NEED JUST NOW6310007/29/20105/30/2020Spiritual - I Love Poetry
A Niche For Me In Your Heart6222004/16/20105/30/2020Heart - Love
One Day I'll Get Better6200007/22/20125/30/2020Abstract - Free Verse
In Paris6134157/22/20125/30/2020Written - Biography
I Pause But Life Goes On Anyway5982007/11/20115/30/2020Free Verse - Life
Everyday, While We May5880006/1/20105/30/2020Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Life
SECRETS, MURMURED WHEN ALONE58720011/19/20105/30/2020Written - Poet
I Saw A Bird Alone On A Tree5871006/14/20125/30/2020Blank Verse - Birds
Bloomed A Flower Rare58431510/4/20135/30/2020Abstract - Metaphor
When I Am Alone5831002/22/20135/30/2020Abstract - Biography
Fragile Hearts5772004/16/20105/30/2020Life - Rhyming 2
SPEAK TO ME THEN5732134/18/20105/30/2020Love Sad - Love
Now I Lay Myself But Not To Sleep 5670004/28/20105/30/2020Not Categorized - Written
All That Remains5662009/22/20115/30/2020Love Sad - Love
UNTIL THE END OF MORTALITY5452009/5/20105/30/2020Life - Nature
LESSONS I NEVER LEARNED5360006/28/20105/28/2020
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