John Anebi Agbehi Poems

I am that young my from the other side of the world who wants his voice and the cries of my people heard

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WHO IS A MAN11860157/11/20101/18/2019Narrative - Memorial Day
HER ANCESTORS7742007/9/20101/11/2019
BLEEDING HEART6594287/11/20101/11/2019
HOMELESSNESS5540007/11/20101/19/2019Love Sad - Teen Love
AFRICAN CHILDREN5430147/9/20101/13/2019
SUGAR CANE5300009/1/20131/11/2019Not Categorized - Narrative
AFRICAN CHILDREN5150007/13/20101/20/2019
LET THEM SAY5060007/11/20101/18/2019
FEELS THE BREEZE (FRIENDSHIP)4953007/11/20101/19/2019Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Love
Tears of dispute4840007/11/20101/11/2019Love Sad - Lost Love
VICTIM OF CUSTOM4802137/11/20101/11/2019
KPALI FOR CERTIFICATE (KPALIFICATE)4752007/9/20101/11/2019Life - Not Categorized
Hell in hell fire4142008/31/20131/18/2019Analogy - Not Categorized
Now or then 4070007/13/20101/18/2019
DEAR MOTHER4070007/13/20101/18/2019
TOO RICH TO BE POOR3902139/1/20131/11/2019Not Categorized - Other
LONELINESS 3831007/13/20101/19/2019
HEAVEN’S GHETTO3750009/1/20131/11/2019Not Categorized - Narrative
REWARD3471009/1/20131/11/2019Not Categorized - Poet
I AM NOT A JUDGE3382009/1/20131/17/2019
Worship3270009/1/20131/11/2019Not Categorized - Religious, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Baptist, etc.
LOST GENERATION3240009/1/20131/16/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Not Categorized
MEAL OF HARD WORK3242009/11/20131/11/2019Not Categorized - Narrative
LIFE A MIRROR2852008/31/20131/11/2019Nature - Not Categorized
Voice of the unseen2853008/31/20131/11/2019Abstract - Not Categorized
JUDGE OF A FRIEND2611009/1/20131/11/2019Not Categorized - Narrative
Whispering voice2540009/1/20131/11/2019Abstract - Not Categorized
NIGERIA2522009/1/20131/16/2019Not Categorized - Other
MEAL OF HARD WORK2470009/1/20131/17/2019Not Categorized - Written
ADOKA2394008/31/20131/11/2019Not Categorized - Narrative
PAINS OF DEJECTION2300009/1/20131/11/2019Love Sad - Not Categorized
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