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OK..I am 58 years old
My partner and I are foster carers. Currently we are fostering two youngsters aged 9 and 10 A big thank you to everyone for supporting my work with your inspiring comments
I hope that you enjoy my poems.

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Repost "We May Be Lying In The Gutter But Were Looking Up At The Stars" Poem 214233281/7/201212/12/2019
Yearn I A Sweet Sweet Cowgirl Poetess1419122911/18/201112/12/2019Cowboy - Sonnets
MY VN POET FRIENDS NAMES RHYMED SONNET STYLE140414113/14/201212/10/2019Friendship, Best Friend, Friend - Sonnets
“How can a bird that’s born for joy,” and “I Hesitantly Walked Through The Portal" combined1394296296/4/201212/6/2019Other - Rhyming 2
"No Mind Not Thinks No Thoughts About No Things".1345113128/21/201112/11/2019
The Child Is The Father Of The Man.”128511149/30/201112/13/2019Rhyming 2 - Rhyming
An empty chair at christmas1284731412/22/201412/6/2019Season - Love
"You May Borrow My Pen But Dont Use My Ink"12815002/7/201112/6/2019Native American - Rhyming 2
The Rise And Fall Of Notes12621431310/15/201112/12/2019Other - Sonnets
"A Small Lump Of Clay - With A Transient Name" 124911002/11/201112/7/2019
These Days, These Days12478004/24/201112/14/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Not Categorized
Happy Birthday Marcia Schechinger124570011/7/201012/6/2019Birthday - Rhyming 2
Still Time Doth Find For Thee, Thy Love I Long,123151410/2/201112/6/2019Sonnets - Love
My Mother’s Love1193123156/10/201212/6/2019Sonnets - A Mother's Love
A Response To Marcia Schechinger's Poem “Forever You Have Engraved A Rose”118718292/25/201212/8/2019Friendship, Best Friend, Friend - Rhyming 2
Afghanistan117052911/4/201012/6/2019Rhyming 2 - War
Angels Wings. (Marcia Schechinger).114980012/17/201112/13/2019Sonnets - Sorry
For A Fine And Fellow Musketeer.114610157/17/201112/6/2019Friendship, Best Friend, Friend - Rhyming
If God Be With Us Who Can Be Against Us? (Richard Gildea)11417003/17/201212/6/2019Friendship, Best Friend, Friend - Tributes, Memorials
"The Fragrance Of Virtue Rises To The Heavens".111616005/25/201112/15/2019Acrostics - Rhyming
Two Hearts Beating As One.110814156/26/201112/14/2019
We Should Not Count The Years Survived11057145/29/201112/13/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Rhyming 2
For My Dear Father108210157/15/201212/6/2019Father - Sonnets
Celestial Hierarchy108110292/12/201112/6/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Rhyming 2
LIFE10784149/18/201012/11/2019Life - Peace
I Ponder10779003/20/201112/6/2019Family - Rhyming 2
Life Has Taught me Many Things ( Revamped)106172911/21/201012/13/2019Life - Rhyming 2
CELESTIAL HIERARCHY10571152/21/201112/7/2019
Don't Invite Me To You're War. ( For Marvenea Rainwater)105130011/2/201012/6/2019Family - War
The Shanghai10518143/26/201112/7/2019Other - Rhyming 2
"I May Be Lying In The Gutter But I’m Looking Up At The Stars"1036162101/7/201212/12/2019Acrostics - Sonnets
Descriptive Oceans103421510/10/201012/6/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Rhyming 2
The Tramp And His Dog101822810/8/201012/14/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Life
Goodnight100631311/5/201012/10/2019Family - Rhyming 2
Until Such Time You Need Me There.10056143/5/201112/6/2019Rhyming - Long Distance Love
Desert Sands99921211/26/201012/13/2019Nature - Rhyming 2
"Beyond Forever".9958153/12/201112/6/2019Family - Friendship, Best Friend, Friend
Phantasmagorical974101412/30/201112/14/2019Daughters - Sonnets
Writers Block96961211/3/201012/6/2019Dark Poems, Depressing Poems, Death - Rhyming
Sweet Poetess, Miss Romantic Poetess.....[09.08.11] 9498158/9/201112/6/2019Friendship, Best Friend, Friend - Rhyming 2
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