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OK, I like driving,married 57years , have 4 daughters, 1 Son, all married, 8 grandchildren,1 great-grandchild.
I'M an ex miner , 28 years in the mine,love writing Poetry, when possible,going to the East Coast to my caravan, been writing poetry since 1975, many published in anthologies books
etc,non smoker, occasional shandy, buried on coal face for 3 hours , lucky to be alive, I believe in living from day to day.... My new book is out in March 2019

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GYPSY WIFE64633152511/26/20117/21/2019
WYATT EARP51811231312/16/20117/22/2019
THE SONG'S HAVE ALL BEEN SUNG48851242012/12/20117/19/2019
IF IT'S NOT RAINING IT'S RAINING48571121012/11/20117/19/2019
DIFFERENT CLOCKS44931021012/12/20117/21/2019
THE MAGIC PEN 3822156289/21/20117/19/2019
OUR CHRISTMAS WEDDING3257641611/8/20117/19/2019
EVERLASTING MEMORIES297316292/7/20117/19/2019
MY OLD ROCKING CHAIR265815143/21/20117/22/2019
THE PIT NEARLY GOT HIM26122731410/1/20117/19/2019
THERE IS NO TURNING BACK THE CLOCK258115295/10/20117/21/2019
THE CHAPEL248730157/1/20117/22/2019
FIVE IN THE MORNING2438404208/1/20117/19/2019
ONE CAN DREAM23712431511/3/20117/22/2019
THE STAR SHONE,AND THE ANGELS SANG235219151/2/20127/21/2019
LIKE CHAPTERS FROM A BOOK231111156/25/20117/22/2019
YOUNG AT HEART228862810/20/20117/19/2019
THE LOCH NESS MONSTER2186221010/23/20117/22/2019
TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE 216241510/28/20117/21/2019
50TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY211172109/18/20117/19/2019
BROKEN GLASS20214158/23/20117/22/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Not Categorized
CLOCKS ON STRIKE2002252109/13/20117/22/2019
THE NIGHTMARE195072912/15/20117/19/2019
MY FIRST WEEK DOWN THE PIT,1889115256/16/20127/19/2019
THOR, GOD OF THUNDER,18723151/23/20127/19/2019
THE UNDERTAKER186982912/6/20117/20/2019
THE FISH SHOP184553158/26/20117/19/2019
SNOWFLAKES IN WINTER18361621012/4/20117/19/2019
CHRISTMAS 2011181041512/1/20117/19/2019
THE ACORN TREE18091041911/28/20117/19/2019
TAKE THE RIGHT ROAD1797174175/27/20127/19/2019
A SPECIAL CHRISTMAS TREE1796821011/4/20117/19/2019
A PRESENT FOR NAN 1790531511/5/20117/21/2019
THREE SCORE AND TEN176073155/25/20127/19/2019
FULL HOUSE173642109/14/20117/22/2019
CUPS OF TEA 17056298/25/20117/20/2019
THE CANDLE1698752010/28/20117/19/2019Not Categorized - Tanka
FOUR LITTLE GIRLS.16221583710/13/20127/19/2019
THE FAIRIES1598113141/12/20127/20/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Inspirational Sports
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