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OK, I like driving, married 57years, have 4 daughters, 1 Son, all married, 8 grandchildren,1 great-grandchild.
I'm an ex miner, 28 years in the mine, love writing Poetry, when possible, going to the East Coast to my caravan. I have been writing poetry since 1975, many published in anthologies books etc. I have just completed my first book of poem`s that has now been published. A non smoker and enjoy the occasional shandy. Was buried on coal face for 3 hours, lucky to be alive, I believe in living from day to day....

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GYPSY WIFE65803152511/26/20113/28/2020
WYATT EARP53081231312/16/20113/27/2020
THE SONG'S HAVE ALL BEEN SUNG49811242012/12/20113/28/2020
IF IT'S NOT RAINING IT'S RAINING49591121012/11/20113/28/2020
DIFFERENT CLOCKS45931021012/12/20113/28/2020
THE MAGIC PEN 4008156289/21/20113/24/2020
OUR CHRISTMAS WEDDING3347641611/8/20113/28/2020
EVERLASTING MEMORIES306716292/7/20113/26/2020
MY OLD ROCKING CHAIR275215143/21/20113/20/2020
THE PIT NEARLY GOT HIM27032731410/1/20113/28/2020
THERE IS NO TURNING BACK THE CLOCK267215295/10/20113/20/2020
THE CHAPEL257230157/1/20113/28/2020
FIVE IN THE MORNING2524404208/1/20113/28/2020
ONE CAN DREAM24872431511/3/20113/28/2020
THE STAR SHONE,AND THE ANGELS SANG244719151/2/20123/28/2020
YOUNG AT HEART244262810/20/20113/27/2020
LIKE CHAPTERS FROM A BOOK239811156/25/20113/28/2020
THE LOCH NESS MONSTER2271221010/23/20113/20/2020
TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE 225941510/28/20113/23/2020
50TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY218972109/18/20113/20/2020
BROKEN GLASS21004158/23/20113/20/2020Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Not Categorized
CLOCKS ON STRIKE2085252109/13/20113/26/2020
THE NIGHTMARE203472912/15/20113/28/2020
THE UNDERTAKER196792912/6/20113/28/2020
MY FIRST WEEK DOWN THE PIT,1966115256/16/20123/20/2020
THOR, GOD OF THUNDER,19603151/23/20123/25/2020
THE FISH SHOP193253158/26/20113/24/2020
SNOWFLAKES IN WINTER19151621012/4/20113/28/2020
TAKE THE RIGHT ROAD1902174175/27/20123/28/2020
CHRISTMAS 2011189741512/1/20113/28/2020
THE ACORN TREE18871041911/28/20113/28/2020
A SPECIAL CHRISTMAS TREE1883821011/4/20113/28/2020
A PRESENT FOR NAN 1874531511/5/20113/28/2020
THREE SCORE AND TEN183873155/25/20123/28/2020
FULL HOUSE181842109/14/20113/28/2020
CUPS OF TEA 17876298/25/20113/20/2020
THE CANDLE1782752010/28/20113/22/2020Not Categorized - Tanka
FOUR LITTLE GIRLS.17251583710/13/20123/22/2020
THE FAIRIES1684113141/12/20123/26/2020Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Inspirational Sports
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