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OK, I like driving, married 57years, have 4 daughters, 1 Son, all married, 8 grandchildren,1 great-grandchild.
I'm an ex miner, 28 years in the mine, love writing Poetry, when possible, going to the East Coast to my caravan. I have been writing poetry since 1975, many published in anthologies books etc. I have just completed my first book of poem`s that has now been published. A non smoker and enjoy the occasional shandy. Was buried on coal face for 3 hours, lucky to be alive, I believe in living from day to day....

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THE TRAGEDY OF A YOUNG MINER157753102/27/20115/26/2020
THE CAGE1559103142/2/20125/26/2020
THE POST OFFICE 141122109/25/20115/26/2020
THE MYSTERIOUS GIRL140282912/22/20115/26/2020
RAIN WIND AND MISTY GREY1398103154/21/20125/26/2020
I AM STILL HERE1389621010/28/20115/26/2020
ROBIN HOOD1387155215/2/20125/26/2020
DOWN A DEEP COAL MINE1385144176/12/20125/26/2020
LIGHT A CANDLE137473155/23/20125/26/2020
MY DAUGHTER'S WEDDING,137495253/4/20135/26/2020
THE TITANIC13435151/30/20125/26/2020
ANOTHER WORLD133819155/2/20125/26/2020
EIGHT HUNDRED YARDS DOWN A DEEP COAL MINE1335163157/11/20125/26/2020
A MINER'S WIFE1321113134/22/20125/26/2020
THE WORLD CUP131131512/13/20115/26/2020
THE LUCKY HEATHER129832102/5/20125/26/2020
THE PLACE WHERE I WAS BORN129721511/15/20115/26/2020
A FRIENDLY CALL129563148/12/20115/26/2020
BLUE FOR WESTLY129195246/6/20125/26/2020
POETIC FUTURE128843138/13/20115/26/2020
CONFINED TO BED127173152/4/20125/26/2020
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY WIFE, 15TH JULY 20131256113157/14/20135/26/2020
CHRISTMAS SHOPPING12412159/26/20115/26/2020
FOLLOW THE LIGHT1236133142/12/20125/26/2020
CUSTER'S LAST STAND,1234106273/20/20135/26/2020
THE LADY BY THE LAKE 122942108/26/20115/26/2020
I'M BEGINNING TO LOATHE THIS RAIN1221102107/13/20125/26/2020
TWO ROADS121823138/22/20115/26/2020
DREAMING ABOUT CHRISTMAS1210421011/22/20115/26/2020
THE STALKER1210103157/15/20125/26/2020
FROM MY WINDOW120893152/7/20125/26/2020
WHO IS FOOLING WHO1207421011/12/20115/26/2020
BRAVE RED RUM 1195652510/16/20115/26/2020
OUT OF THE DARK 1180421011/7/20115/26/2020
THE CRUCIFIXION11792153/14/20125/26/2020
MENIERE'S DISEASE BASED ON FACT115342102/10/20125/26/2020
TRAFFIC LIGHTS114662103/11/20125/19/2020
A VERY SPECIAL CHRISTMAS TREE1134731512/24/20125/25/2020
THE MEADOW1133421011/9/20115/16/2020
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