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Life is too short to waste, so stop making it complicated, let God guide you with your life. let your faith grow in your heart not in your mind. God's plan is best than my dreams

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MY COUNTRY'S JOURNEY49033158/2/201110/14/2019Political - Greatest Love
Once it was just a dream 25780153/3/201110/12/2019Spoken Word - I Love Poetry
Connecticut School Shooting (Dec. 2012)2126431312/21/201210/12/2019
"DJ CHA-CHA20580133/3/201110/15/2019Free - Thank You
IMPOSSIBLE?20172008/2/201110/13/2019Short Love - Good Love
JOKE IS MY PASSION18764002/26/201110/15/2019Happy - Inspirational Poems, Motivational
Let's Talk15322006/9/201110/15/2019Hope - Humorous
A REAL MAN DOES14760006/10/201110/11/2019Religious, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Baptist, etc. - Spiritual
The Love I Have Been14544293/2/201110/11/2019
"BE YOURSELF"13960143/24/201310/11/2019Free - Teen
SONG OF MY SOUL13772137/1/201110/11/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - God
MY TEACHERS13312003/18/201310/11/2019Humorous - Thank You
My Hearts desire12920001/15/201210/11/2019
PASSION OF CHRIST12694153/28/201310/11/2019God - Christian Love
Be Still12682002/27/201110/13/2019Life - God
LET'S TALK12320146/8/201110/11/2019Hope - Humorous
"DJ CHA-CHA"11901273/3/201110/11/2019Free - Thank You
"DJ CHA-CHA"11690003/5/201110/11/2019Free - Not Categorized
"MISSING YOU BADLY"11340003/22/201310/11/2019Missing You - Lost Love
TIME MATTERS11272001/20/201310/11/2019Free - Nature
ALL IS WELL, GOD IS THERE!11250001/15/201210/11/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Greatest Love
To all the Fathers10650006/13/201110/11/2019
IN HIS TIME10612004/14/201210/15/2019
"WHEN I'M WEAK, YOU MADE ME STRONG"10078009/5/201310/15/2019God - Christian Love
happy mothers day9990005/14/201210/11/2019
"LIFE IS NOT A RACE" (Tribute to a friend)9914145/12/201410/12/2019Life - Hope
MY PARTNER9790001/22/201310/11/2019
"BULLYING"97120012/2/201310/11/2019School - Dark Poems, Depressing Poems, Death
FATHERS DAY (MY TRIBUTE ^_^)9712156/16/201310/11/2019Fathers Day - Father
IN HIS TIME9380004/14/201210/11/2019Spiritual - Greatest Love
EMPTY FEELING91320010/22/201410/13/2019
“A BRAND NEW START”9112158/28/201210/11/2019Free - God
Broken Trust9106153/14/201310/15/2019Free - Life
"LOVE STORY"8922009/20/201310/14/2019Love - Long Distance Love
INSIDE MY HEART8830001/21/201310/13/2019God - Love
"RAPS TEAM" (Tribute to my Rapsody Team 1 & 2)8342003/30/201310/12/2019Thank you, gratitude - Thank You
ALONE8310008/17/201210/11/2019Fall - Family
"MEMORY & JOURNEY"82831310/12/201210/12/2019
DEAR CHILD7870001/23/201310/12/2019God - Thank You
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