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Life is too short to waste, so stop making it complicated, let God guide you with your life. let your faith grow in your heart not in your mind. God's plan is best than my dreams

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"HAPPY MOTHERS DAY" (TRIBUTE TO ALL MOM)4698145/12/20137/19/2019Mothers Day - Mother, mom, mommy
"THE PRECIOUS GIFT OF ALL" (CHRISTMAS TRIBUTE)46401512/12/20138/9/2019God - Thanksgiving
"FADING OUT"4622007/29/20138/17/2019Life - God
"NEW YOU" (year end tribute)45720012/31/20138/16/2019Thank You - Love
"It's up to you"4480001/7/20138/8/2019
"We are Poet"4474153/18/20138/15/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Written
WHEN LOVE FAIL (to all who are easily fall in love)4476142/10/20158/17/2019Love Sad - Love
"MY LIFE"S WORTH"44100010/10/20148/13/2019
"OUR STRENGTH"4364004/14/20148/9/2019
BREAK UPS"42722912/13/20138/16/2019Long Distance Love - Lost Love
"BROAD ROAD"4262009/26/20148/13/2019Life - God
MISSING YOU4254153/25/20138/2/2019Missing You - Lost Love
FORGIVENESS4201001/30/20138/7/2019Love Sad - Dark Love
"WHEN I'M GONE"4182007/25/20157/29/2019Life - Memorial
"ON MY BEHALF"4170003/21/20138/4/2019Family - Inspirational Poems, Motivational
"MY LONG LOST LOVE"4170119/16/20148/13/2019Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Love
TO OUR GOOD LORD JESUS4150004/20/20148/9/2019Spiritual - Christian Love
"LIFE & LOVE ALL ABOUT"4130007/11/20148/16/2019Life - God
"2nd CHANCE"4122008/25/20137/31/2019First Love - Lost Love
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY (TRIBUTE TO THE FATHERS)40272106/14/20148/9/2019Fathers Day - Love
"AS GOD IS MY WITNESS"4000004/17/20148/9/2019God - Love
"SHADOW OF DARKNESS"3960147/18/20148/9/2019Love - Falling in Love
LETS UNITE (agree with alan)3960001/23/20137/20/2019Free - Spoken Word
"PAINLESS"3930001/8/20148/16/2019Life - Thank you, gratitude
DARKNESS3890003/10/20138/5/2019Nature - Heart 2
" I WISH YOU ARE MINE"38340012/28/20137/24/2019Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Love
GOODBYE3810001/20/20138/1/2019Free - Good Bye
HE FIX BROKEN HEARTs.38000010/20/20148/14/2019
Don't Withdraw3710003/13/20137/25/2019Missing You - In Love
MY FAITH3642009/29/20148/18/2019Other - Thank you, gratitude
SHEEP of SACRIFICE3620003/18/20138/9/2019Hope - God
"YOUR HAPPINESS IS MY SMILE"3594005/13/20138/14/2019Marriage - Love
A Mans Love3592006/7/20168/14/2019Love - Long Distance Love
I LOVE YOU MOM (MOTHER'S DAY TRIBUTE 2016)3574005/5/20168/3/2019Mothers Day - Mother, mom, mommy
"YOU'RE NOT MEANT FOR ME"3500159/27/20137/19/2019Love Sad - Love
"WATERFALLS"3496003/26/20138/4/2019Nature - Spring
I STILL LOVE YOU 3484006/9/20157/31/2019Missing You - Love
THIS IS ME3470003/27/20137/27/2019
"HOLY GHOST"3450003/10/20138/2/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - God
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