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I enjoy reading and writing most poetry. My favorites tend to be Rupert Brooke, Wilfred Owen,and William Blake. But I do enjoy humorous poetry of Lear,and Carrol.
My own compositions tend to be emotional or dark though I do like to make people laugh. I have had poems published in anthologies,and now have my first published book speedy the tortoise and other rhymes available from write songs and perform but my singing voice doesn't match my ambitions so I won't be making the top twenty.
Please read and feel free to comment on any postings that i may submit your comments would be most welcome and i hope to at least to have made you smile. Enjoy

Thanks Chris

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The Lion and The Zebra193845156/15/20119/19/2019Children, children's - Humorous
SID THE SNAKE164174139/26/20119/19/2019Children, children's - Humorous
POLLY THE PARROT143394156/15/20119/19/2019Children, children's - Humorous
The Elephant who forgot what he was126772143/20/20129/19/2019
The Hippo122781153/20/20129/19/2019
Geoffrey the giraffe122150113/20/20129/19/2019
The Circus121961146/15/20119/19/2019Children, children's - Humorous
Spot The pig117050146/15/20119/19/2019Children, children's - Humorous
The Spider106710113/20/20129/19/2019
When the Tiger broke free from his cage96920116/15/20119/19/2019Children, children's - Humorous
The Cheetah and the Deer94221153/20/20129/19/2019
Speedy the Tortoise93141153/20/20129/19/2019
My dog skip pt 1,2,378710133/20/20129/19/2019
The Cuckoo71780113/20/20129/19/2019
THE RIVER ELECTION6379631511/3/20119/19/2019Fish - Funny Narrative
The Worlds Gone Crazy60341123/20/20129/19/2019
The Centipede59182143/20/20129/19/2019
A Monkey on my shoulder56310004/25/20139/19/2019
Gary the spider56191153/20/20129/19/2019
The Asian Blue web flying frog47430143/20/20129/19/2019
Cody the watchdog46400153/20/20129/19/2019
Charlie the Chimp43872296/1/20139/19/2019Children, children's - Humorous
Out in my garden38692147/19/20129/19/2019Children, children's - Not Categorized
The Unlucky Duck37991005/28/20139/19/2019Children, children's - Humorous
Seba the bat36471123/20/20129/19/2019
The Gnu33970263/20/20129/19/2019
Epitaph to a frog33571123/21/20129/19/2019Not Categorized - Short Funny
A duck billed platypuss view of tourists31171133/20/20129/19/2019
The woodworm who lived in the Theatre30680003/20/20129/19/2019
The Crab with the Luminous claw20801004/25/20139/19/2019
THE WORD HERO DOESN'T EVEN COME CLOSE15032004/4/20119/19/2019Disabled Veterans - War
Tom the Friendly Ghost114000010/31/20129/19/2019
WHEN FOOTSTEPS ECHO10962003/7/20119/19/2019
Abused9230003/15/20119/19/2019Dark Poems, Depressing Poems, Death - Forbidden Love
GROUND ZERO8590003/16/20129/19/2019Not Categorized - Tributes, Memorials
THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS84220012/10/20119/19/2019General - Christmas
Witches Brew80600010/31/20129/19/2019
Hiroshima79620010/13/20119/19/2019Peace - War
Dave The Vampire79331210/12/20119/19/2019Halloween - Short Funny
Nancy The Witch78331110/12/20119/19/2019Halloween - Humorous
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