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I have written sonnets for a number of years. From time to time, I may share a sonnet with this community of readers and/or writers.

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To A Friend4526185246/12/20113/24/2018Friendship, Best Friend, Friend - Sonnets
Autumn's Brilliant Colors3410931510/8/20113/23/2018Nature - Sonnets
The Doorkeeper339623138/11/20113/23/2018Spiritual - Sonnets
Ah, Nature3244731212/4/20113/23/2018Nature - Sonnets
Roadrunner267923148/16/20113/21/2018Birds - Sonnets
Alone With You2587102105/10/20113/21/2018Sonnets - Valentines Day
To Westly And His Classmates2481124201/20/20123/19/2018Poet - Sonnets
Roy2293274156/3/20113/20/2018Poet - Sonnets
In The Dark22282159/28/20113/21/2018Nature - Sonnets
Each Day, The Brighter, Proves219863159/29/20113/19/2018Sonnets - Love
To Birte, Rejoice In Sorrow!21062531511/4/20113/17/2018Spiritual - Sonnets
Mistaken For Granite2086143159/21/20113/22/2018Sonnets - Love
Through Half-Cracked Blinds202413146/14/20113/21/2018Sonnets - Love
And I Would Fret196152104/28/20123/20/2018Sonnets - Love
Seasonal Songs1889162106/8/20113/23/2018Poet - Sonnets
Beyond A Glance18606297/6/20113/17/2018Sonnets - Love
Achilles' Heel18546155/10/20113/22/2018Other - Sonnets
Westly's Friend1847244188/6/20113/23/2018Sonnets - Friendship Love
MUSTANGS184333115/16/20113/22/2018Politics - Sonnets
Intimacy1834421010/6/20113/19/2018Sonnets - Love
Math Problems18140157/9/20113/23/2018Abstract - Sonnets
The Passerby!17794151/19/20123/23/2018Allusion - Sonnets
The Bat: An Inexactly Right Myth17341159/27/20113/23/2018Nature - Sonnets
Seek Me, I Pray171022105/10/20113/22/2018Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Sonnets
I May Be Lying In The Gutter, But I'm Looking Up At The Stars 168726291/6/20123/23/2018Spiritual - Sonnets
The Adjustment1667123158/24/20123/23/2018Sonnets - Peace
The Sharing164962910/19/20113/20/2018Friendship, Best Friend, Friend - Sonnets
On Electronic Communication164972106/20/20113/21/2018Other - Sonnets
In Terms Of Interplay16156297/24/20113/17/2018Sonnets - Love
Time Buyers1605421010/13/20113/21/2018Nature - Sonnets
Monkey-like160442109/4/20113/23/2018Life - Sonnets
Stuck!15502146/14/20113/21/2018Other - Sonnets
My Answer to Rita's Response To "A Cautious Confession" by John Starks1545183152/15/20123/18/2018Sonnets - Beautiful Love
If Time Is Wealth153562107/1/20113/23/2018Sonnets - Love
The Eastern King! (T. Grannell)153012152/4/20123/24/2018Poet - Sonnets
So Like A Willow Tree1528821012/13/20113/21/2018Life - Sonnets
Notes On Poetic Affiliation149612266/18/20113/18/2018Spiritual - Sonnets
I Need You So149182107/8/20113/22/2018Sonnets - Love
The Confession14885157/3/20113/19/2018Sonnets - Love
Encroaching Seasons1483122109/19/20113/23/2018Season - Sonnets
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