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Hi, I am Rita Joyce Singh, my husband, a gem, is a retired colonel. I have 2 grown up kids; a daughter, married and my son. Now there is grand daughter for whom i write poems. My interests are gardening -and painting, doing reference work,reading up on genetics, my favourite subject..over the years while working in a school i was asked to draft letters, speeches, debate topics, edit and proof read, even write poems and that honed me quite a bit. This was a school that believed in being the agent that transformed society..and educated the girl child ..i was exposed to a lot of social welfare and commitments ..'it was a life changing period' and i developed some little knack of using poems to reach out to people...i was edified to note my poems affected people.. Though, honestly, i believe they are naive and can use a lot of refinements...Also, i read and collect a lot of poetry -all kinds and ages and some influence has been there from doing so.i hope to better myself. love rita

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The Peacock named Pataudi456971512/12/201111/16/2019
THE PEACOCK NAMED PATAUDI441011512/12/201111/16/2019
THE BABY TURTLE AND THE JELLYFISH371817265/29/201111/22/2019Nature - Not Categorized
Paean of The Three Legged Dark Blue Horse (Folklore-Chetak)350311295/27/201211/22/2019
Cain and Abel27638157/27/201111/16/2019
I'm lying in the gutter but I'm looking up at the stars(The challenge title )2571185211/7/201211/22/2019
Westly, I hope… all this, tickles you pink2515112106/18/201211/20/2019
Child is the father of man(oxymoron)245936159/22/201111/20/2019
What splendour is this ?.............(Battle of Kalinga)237563151/25/201211/22/2019
The Wizard, The Whiskey ……. and Haiku.2329102108/11/201111/20/2019
Royal Enfield Mobike232410159/9/201111/21/2019
Red Door228612158/4/201111/22/2019
Fish and Chips ...... .Fish and Chips211872107/21/201111/16/2019
'Sherlock' and the case of the Idyll Holiday in Ooty208792610/12/201111/19/2019
There is only one set of footprints.205516156/11/201111/18/2019
Death By Chocolate20464157/9/201111/21/2019
Dads… As Listed Under… Dozen Most Rare And Wonderful Creatures Of The World. 201343146/16/201211/20/2019
THE BALLAD OF THE JACARANDA194411158/1/201111/18/2019
Dear Son, ...Your birthday cake batters...19046157/22/201111/18/2019
The rise and the fall of notes (Magnum Opus)18291341910/21/201111/16/2019
tear-blimps ..haiku18293008/19/201111/16/2019
These men of Indian Armoured Corps..180051511/29/201111/16/2019
The Tea Maker 1795143147/17/201111/16/2019
HOUSE OF LOVE177370010/1/201111/16/2019
AND WE PRAY DAILY17024156/3/201111/21/2019
Strike Rate .............Happy Father's Day16478156/14/201111/18/2019
A Happy Diwali to all my Friends at VN162482910/23/201111/16/2019
DEAD OR ALIVE158841411/7/201111/22/2019
Falling Down Two Flights of Stairs15648296/6/201211/16/2019
The Young Lady of Cawnpore153221511/8/201111/19/2019
The Little Ballerina152062101/16/201211/16/2019
Give me a cowboy poet ....anyday1512162911/14/201111/16/2019
Spirits of Carnival14815158/21/201111/20/2019
HOW CAN A BIRD THAT'S BORN FOR JOY, SIT IN A CAGE AND SING 1451183155/2/201211/22/2019
AMAZING .....GRACE14414007/1/201111/22/2019
Westly, I wish you Red140782106/8/201211/16/2019
and we pray daily13634286/3/201111/20/2019Religious, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Baptist, etc. - Spiritual
The Baby Turtle and the Jellyfish13140006/8/201111/22/2019Nature - Not Categorized
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