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Hi, I am Rita Joyce Singh, my husband, a gem, is a retired colonel. I have 2 grown up kids; a daughter, married and my son. Now there is grand daughter for whom i write poems. My interests are gardening -and painting, doing reference work,reading up on genetics, my favourite subject..over the years while working in a school i was asked to draft letters, speeches, debate topics, edit and proof read, even write poems and that honed me quite a bit. This was a school that believed in being the agent that transformed society..and educated the girl child ..i was exposed to a lot of social welfare and commitments ..'it was a life changing period' and i developed some little knack of using poems to reach out to people...i was edified to note my poems affected people.. Though, honestly, i believe they are naive and can use a lot of refinements...Also, i read and collect a lot of poetry -all kinds and ages and some influence has been there from doing so.i hope to better myself. love rita

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The Original Pumpkin Pie Recipe78031511/23/20117/21/2019
WINGED COMPASS7575153/17/20127/31/2019
Mother's Day Hero (Edited)7217295/10/20128/4/2019
Growing Old7177153/31/20127/14/2019
A Dear Glow Worm Named Fleur-e-scent7117156/12/20127/8/2019
Climbed the ladder to check out a haystack7018156/15/20128/19/2019
Hot Breeze, Cold Draught...................and Deja Vu701721012/31/20118/1/2019
The Four Directions and The True Valentine6912002/6/20128/6/2019
Why do we write poems..682122103/14/20137/27/2019
The Sugarcane Girl6755003/15/20128/6/2019
A Prayer to the Carpenter6724263/22/20148/8/2019
Happy Birthday Son65792107/24/20127/20/2019
Few days back I received an e.mail6527151/31/20127/20/2019
Strike Rate.. ......Happy Father's Day6422156/14/20117/18/2019
Watchword water63983156/29/20127/10/2019
Not the kind of Guy you'd trust62971511/1/20118/13/2019
Let go your garden poor chap61382102/18/20137/13/2019
Dreams Aspire to Reach the Sky-When Doves Fly.....response to Richard's 22nd Inspirational Title607116287/26/20128/6/2019
Paddy Fields...(.Inspired by Dwayne Rankin's Vale poem).5834292/20/20138/19/2019
He was appointed the Head Boy58163139/17/20148/16/2019
WHAT SPLENDOUR IS THIS ?.................(BATTLE OF KALINGA)5786151/23/20128/6/2019
Just....run away with me564621010/16/20128/4/2019
THOSE GALLANT GENTLEMEN-RESPONSE-rita singh55761510/7/20128/19/2019
THE STORY OF THE CROWN PRINCE AND THE TOOTH FAIRY-re-edited539115249/22/20128/11/2019
Strange ..but this too is Valentine52595242/12/20137/21/2019
Sunny Spice52595252/5/20148/18/2019
Indian Summer5218396/13/20138/4/2019
Water of Life,Whiskey51872109/27/20138/17/2019
THE MAN IN THE ARENA(FATHER'S NAME).....(EDITED-REPOSTED)Musketeer Title Challenge-Response to CHARL513104177/8/20138/11/2019
SHAMAN MOUNTAINS51233119/4/20138/18/2019
And a Man Called Armstrong Walked Upon this Earth5069148/26/20127/27/2019
'Bereft of Muse'50374208/29/20128/13/2019
Gard'ning is hard and like cricket503341510/17/20147/17/2019
HENLEY BRIDGE No..50349782108/22/20128/18/2019
Be drunk as that devil or write Haiku either.494113156/21/20127/22/2019
Siachen Glacier Snowbound and Counting DLTGH492652510/13/20148/8/2019
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