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Hi my name is Chloe and i am 19. I find i am always busy with work and wasting my time online endlessly and i am trying to write a novel as well, but i cannot seem to function properly if i don't release myself into poetry. I know that i am quite young compared to many people on this website but poetry is a universal passion. No matter our age it really is a part of us all and when we don't explore that urge to express our creativity, it blocks us up and blinds us from the beauty of the world. For those of you find the time read my attempts capturing my thoughts, I thank you.

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Sunday Morning Rests402722912/16/20119/18/2019Humorous - Summer
CHRISTCHURCH'S RIVER13153156/10/20119/18/2019Nature - Not Categorized
Blue Water Pixies12205139/18/20119/18/2019Rhyming 2 - Summer
The Viewing121563153/24/20139/18/2019Daughter to Father - Funerals
RIPPLES FROM THE HAND9641158/22/20119/18/2019
REMEMBERING NOW8534151/18/20129/18/2019Abstract - Life
THE CLOUD MAN'S DAUGHTER83822107/5/20119/18/2019Daughters - Missing You
SEARCHING THE STARS8374002/1/20129/18/2019
Passing the Sun8363006/14/20119/18/2019Abstract - Hope
THE RAINBOW DREAMS OF YOUTH7990153/13/20129/18/2019Abstract - Life
LEARNING TO VIEW INFINITY7722005/4/20129/18/2019Abstract - Poet
RED LIGHTS73640010/15/20119/18/2019
OWNING THE SKY73441511/12/20119/18/2019Life - Nature
The Absence of a Pen6730007/22/20149/18/2019Poet - Short
Red Lights666021010/15/20119/18/2019Family - Music, Instruments, Lyrics
The Universal struggle to Connect (To the tune of "Piano Man" By Billy Joel)6472151/29/20129/18/2019Beautiful - Spiritual
A JUSTIFICATION FOR THE TRUTH63431512/16/20119/18/2019Abstract - Life
VIEWS AND BEAUTY5791009/15/20119/18/2019
Repeat: Darkness Is Only A Shadow5710155/15/20129/18/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Rhyming 2
Swift and Secret5582152/23/20129/18/2019Free Verse - Life
Part of that Power5360292/11/20139/18/2019Abstract - Life
COUNSELLING THE WIND5230008/19/20129/18/2019
ACCLIMATISING TO MIRACLES5190006/11/20129/18/2019Life - Children, young kids, child
Momentary Poetry514221011/26/20139/19/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Life
To know the place I started...50832102/12/20139/18/2019Life - God
The Toe Digger49311511/28/20139/18/2019Beautiful - Nature
Ruining The Piano 4840153/29/20139/18/2019Music, Instruments, Lyrics - Sorry
Settle, Unsettle4600157/22/20149/18/2019Nature - Short
Sweet Narcissism4563158/30/20139/18/2019Free Verse - Life
Poetry Attempts4281007/22/20149/18/2019Poet - Short
Irresistible 4150157/22/20149/18/2019Love - In Love
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