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I am a people's poet standing for the rights of the people, irregardless of tribe, race, nationality or religion.
Mthandazo Ngwenya, is a people’s poet, who has published poetry in local Newspapers and online sites. His poetic journey started in the summer of 2004, in midnight morning, when he heard a very strong feeling to wake up, and write his first poem “One of these days”. From that day he did not look back. He wrote poetry everywhere, in the city, rural areas, in harsh and good times . He is a First class University graduate and founder of a poetic society known as the “Poetic Revolution Movement”.

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PIE- CHART24190158/11/201212/9/2018
LETTER TO MAMA11258295/12/201212/11/2018
REMEMBER ME10690007/5/201112/11/2018
THANK YOU FATHER.(RETIREMENT-LAST DAY AT WORK 29/03/13).9886003/27/201312/10/2018
MEMORIES OF THE PAST9820147/6/201112/11/2018
DESINATION FILABUSI.8671931410/3/201112/11/2018
STOP XENOPHOBIA!!!!!!!!!!!!8172294/24/201512/9/2018
THE TIME MACHINE79220011/19/201112/10/2018
WHAT WRONG HAVE WE DONE?7696156/9/201212/6/2018
TEACH ME THY SONG7620157/6/201112/10/2018
NO PLACE LIKE HOME7354007/3/201112/11/2018
PEOPLE LIKE MONGERS7344144/22/201212/7/2018
COUNTRY BUSES7210003/10/201212/10/2018
NEVER GIVE UP7144158/14/201312/9/2018
I HAVE CHOSEN TO KEEP ON FIGHTING7072145/25/201212/11/2018
LOVE IS LIKE AN OASIS6932007/13/201212/7/2018
my homeland Filabusi.6852009/24/201112/6/2018
THE WHITE FLAG6830001/2/201212/9/2018
THE STORY OF LOVE6672001/21/201212/8/2018Hope - Greatest Love
RIVER OF THOUGHTS6512007/3/201112/6/2018
ONE OF THESE DAYS65021410/1/201112/8/2018
TOO MANY6365004/22/201212/6/2018
IT'S THE WAR6240007/7/201112/9/2018
CHRISTMASSES AT MY HOMELAND62240012/22/201112/9/2018
THE WORLD OF WANTS6222007/13/201212/9/2018
DEAR MR GOVERNMENT6197156/30/201212/10/2018
REMINESCES OF AN OLD PERSON61162911/29/201212/11/2018
FALLING CASTLE6042007/3/201112/11/2018
LET THE DUST SETTLE6032004/22/201212/11/2018
WAITING FOR THE PHONE CALL6000009/4/201212/11/2018
MY LOVE5860007/8/201112/6/2018
WHAT WENT WRONG?5792005/13/201212/6/2018
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