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Hello everyone. I love writing poetry. Have been writing fairly regularly ever since I came across VN in July 2011. Hope you enjoy some of my work. Love to all.

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RED ( FOR WESTLY) 2414284206/5/20128/19/2019
Chocolate...241017148/7/20118/20/2019Funny - Humorous
Stephen Hawking...( 'I may be...looking up at the stars" ,a tribute) 2280374201/6/20128/12/2019
The Magic Of Jaipur, The Pink City 2236175253/6/20148/18/2019Happy - Love
Without one shoe22299159/10/20118/17/2019Narrative - Humorous
My Heart Goes Boom Boody Boom2198374196/8/20128/16/2019Funny - Love
The Indian Festival Of Colors ( Holi ) 2186356303/25/20138/20/2019Life - Narrative
If I were Santa Claus...2131182711/23/20118/18/2019Children, children's - Christmas
The social butterfly 2088374204/25/20128/16/2019Life - Short
The Laburnum202717153/15/20128/17/2019Nature - Not Categorized
That It Will Never Come Again, Is What Makes Life So Sweet20223583911/4/20128/17/2019Life - Metaphor
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow 20213052511/26/20128/9/2019Happy - Winter
GRANDMOTHER'S JUTE BAG202016398/30/20128/17/2019Grandparents, Grandmother, Grandfather - Narrative
To eat or not to eat, that is the question.198629149/12/20118/14/2019Funny - Life
"In the windmills of my mind"1975373159/12/20118/14/2019Life - Metaphor
CHILD BRIDE, not yet a woman19693252511/1/20128/9/2019Life - Narrative
History And Her Story, An Everyday Hero 1964268393/21/20138/20/2019Teachers, Teacher - Thank you, gratitude
Unfathomable eyes193813398/8/20118/3/2019Life - Rhyming 2
Cherry Blossoms192221151/9/20128/12/2019Metaphor - Nature
Most Gracious 190325159/29/20118/17/2019
The Florist 186620261/6/20128/10/2019Life - Not Categorized
Dancing In The Rain1853175251/1/20138/18/2019Life - Nature
Fragile Still...1846405259/19/20118/18/2019Good Bye - Life
"Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into"1808312912/7/20118/15/2019Hulk - Humorous
FUCHSIA SUNSET1800193158/9/20128/9/2019Nature - Tanka
THE DANCE OF THE PEACOCK1799258358/18/20128/20/2019Birds - Free Verse
The friendly neighborhood gym.1787172104/21/20128/16/2019Happy - Narrative
Would you know the color of music 1751322104/15/20128/20/2019Metaphor - Peace
Chill Pills ( reposted) 1725134192/25/20128/9/2019Narrative - Humorous
Evanescence 1722343156/12/20128/11/2019Life - Nature
Raspberry Sorbet1704203148/7/20128/12/2019Haiku - Summer
The leaf1689162103/18/20128/17/2019Happy - Nature
Double chins :)1677102108/2/20118/20/2019Humorous - Short Funny
WHAT ARE DREAMS MADE OF1677406303/12/20138/16/2019Heart - Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you
There's always tomorrow?1642203155/29/20128/6/2019
When I fall in love I'd thought1642415253/13/20128/18/2019Heart - Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you
Indian Summer 163924003/28/20128/17/2019Nature - Tanka
Through her eyes163122134/9/20128/14/2019Life - Metaphor
BROWN ( chocolate) for Westly 1631266286/10/20128/19/2019
Let it snow..1620142711/26/20118/19/2019Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Season
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