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Rajnish Mishra has a PhD in English literature and he has been active in the areas of teaching, research and writing for over a decade now. He has published more than thirty papers in scholarly journals and as chapters in books and anthologies.
He has edited six anthologies. He has published poems in various journals and magazines. Few of his poems can be read at the following sites:
https://www.poemhunter.com/, https://allpoetry.com, https://www.instagram.com/rajnishmishravns/, http://stanzaicstylings.blogspot.in,

His love for his city and his awareness of its effects on his psycho-social development led him to starting his own blog: rajnishmishravns.wordpress.com in 2011. The blog features both his academic writing and his writing on his city: the City of Light, Varanasi. Then, as he is a poet, and loves reading and talking about other people’s poems too, he started another blog: https://poetrypoeticspleasure.wordpress.com/. He runs an ezine: PPP Ezine to promote poetry and po

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I COULD NOT LINGER ON PLATFORM # 13712008/3/20117/22/2020
To Shakespeare1870006/16/20177/14/2020Haiku - Not Categorized
Rainbow1781006/14/20177/17/2020Haiku - Not Categorized
Death1360006/14/20177/22/2020Haiku - Metaphor
Life1330006/14/20178/2/2020Haiku - Metaphor
Life and Light1300006/14/20177/13/2020Haiku - Not Categorized
Love1250006/14/20177/24/2020Not Categorized - Love
Sorrow1240006/14/20177/13/2020Haiku - Not Categorized
Life poetry1240006/14/20177/26/2020Haiku - Not Categorized
Carpe Diem1020006/16/20177/26/2020Haiku - Not Categorized
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