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We grow into the world living in various friend groups. These groups define us. and I am very glad to join this one. My friends call me ash. I have developed keen interest in writing after some attempts right from school magazines to a bit of freelancing. I would also love to make friends with people having writing experience more than my age!
Looking forward to everlasting relationship....

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"SPECIALITY OF THE SPECIAL DAY"194313158/8/20116/1/2020
THE TREASURE BOX OF JOY124340011/5/20115/26/2020
A BEAUTIFUL LOVE STORY111151512/22/20115/26/2020Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Nature
A HEART BROKEN INTO PIECES....11083001/14/20125/26/2020
English-The language of confusion10726281/30/20125/26/2020
The legacy of the cricket game-Rahul Dravid10302153/10/20125/26/2020
Reflection of the heaven!99950012/28/20115/26/2020
THE NIGHT I HEARD SOMETHING.......9092003/8/20125/26/2020
The glory of alliteration8951009/12/20115/26/2020
A TRANSITION INTO THE DAWN....8711154/18/20125/26/2020Nature - Not Categorized
A DAY FOR THE RAIN.....8674002/20/20125/26/2020
Where message becomes msg....8424133/23/20125/26/2020
Catch me if you can.....8270005/21/20125/26/2020
World and the economic depression....7784151/14/20125/26/2020
King Lear without a beard!7705001/16/20125/26/2020
Love- A word defining life!75210012/28/20115/26/2020
The newspaper journey...7502152/14/20125/26/2020
This one is for you mom....7489254/24/20125/31/2020
Lonliness- The fearsome companion7223292/20/20125/28/2020
A NIGHTMARE70141512/22/20115/26/2020
Pain today, Gain tomorrow....6670157/27/20145/26/2020
A glass of wine and the passage of time...6492007/18/20125/26/2020Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Not Categorized
The Harry Potter night......63220010/11/20125/26/2020
To the dear subject of Mathematics.....62411512/1/20126/1/2020Rhyming 2 - Rhyming
A Salute to the best word manipulators!!6241004/10/20135/26/2020
Pollution Pleasure....62010010/13/20125/26/2020
My Uncle....61500011/11/20125/26/2020Not Categorized - Short Funny
An incomplete wish......6141155/7/20125/26/2020
What if I were the teacher of my school....6081154/19/20125/26/2020
The transition from old to the new. .6061157/2/20145/26/2020
Nature at its best..6041003/8/20125/26/2020
THE TIMING OF TIME....5971006/17/20125/26/2020
The language of science......5862006/7/20135/26/2020Rhyming 2 - Short
When defeat defeats you..5700156/12/20135/26/2020Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Rhyming 2
Go into the free spree….5693006/15/20135/29/2020Rhyming 2 - Rhyming
The Rare venture into the kitchen...... 55510010/30/20125/26/2020Rhyming 2 - Rhyming
The emotion called love...55320012/8/20135/26/2020Love - Teen Love
Lovely vacation,better friends....5471006/17/20125/26/2020
The Friends called "friends"...54520012/15/20135/26/2020Friendship, Best Friend, Friend - Not Categorized
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