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You make life come alive. Like blossoms within Cherry tree. You are fragrance like touch. So exquisite, so unaware as petals fall. As readers you are. Like life to me.
I was born on Saltspring Island B.C. A very tiny island where I spent almost half of my life, between there, and Victoria B.C. ( Canada)
I have the most beautiful children, one Boy, and one Girl. They are my entire life. Yet I cannot remember a time when I did not love the play of words. Poetry has always fascinated me. And whenever I write, I always feel like I am reaching for stardust. As if I see, feel the presence of this undying urge to express.
Whatever emotion it may be, it evades me. There are no words that I could describe the simplest of things, yet the greatest of things. Like the sunset. Poetry to me, is always going to be a journey. I will always be trying to get there. A Mountain to climb, without peak.It is what is within me of my most secret of heart. Sacred. Love xo Tracy

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In White She Sleeps (for Westlys colour contest)2276276286/9/201211/20/2019Daughters - Love
Opium205182107/14/201211/20/2019In Love - Lost Love
For my Dad (Donald William Mason)190822811/9/201411/22/2019Daughter to Father - Greatest Love
Love1368122103/13/201211/20/2019Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Love
Lovely13512004/4/201211/20/2019Love Sad - Love
ASYLUM12403153/11/201211/20/2019Hope - Dark Poems, Depressing Poems, Death
Agoraphobia123312295/3/201211/20/2019Concrete - Life
Presents!12013001/1/201411/20/2019Cute - Christmas
Nailpolish120013156/23/201211/20/2019Daughters - Humorous
She Drapes(for Linda Lee)11977297/22/201211/20/2019Thank you, gratitude - Thank You
Linda Lee11158134/21/201211/20/2019
My Son10901042011/18/201211/20/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Son
Ice cream man10684006/3/201211/20/2019
I See You1066102106/21/201211/20/2019
Crayola kisses10582153/10/201211/21/2019Grandparents, Grandmother, Grandfather - Friendship Love
For The Poets(VN)1042184196/23/201211/20/2019
Death10302153/11/201211/20/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Dark Poems, Depressing Poems, Death
Beautiful mother1025831410/19/201211/20/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Mother, mom, mommy
Love10006288/17/201311/20/2019Funerals - Love Sad
Outside9773155/17/201211/20/2019Hope - Friend Love
Desire,she is (For Zay)9628297/22/201211/20/2019Thank you, gratitude - Thank You
Haircut :)9596146/12/201311/20/2019Daughters - Humorous
Amanda ( My little one)9543153/29/201211/20/2019Daughters - Love
Fairy Nymph9538155/2/201211/20/2019
You and I9462003/31/201211/20/2019Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Dark Love
Growing Up946321010/31/201211/20/2019Daughters - Greatest Love
Lady of the night9134284/16/201211/20/2019
To Linda Lee & S. Zaynub Kamoonpuri89914145/19/201211/20/2019
For Rita Singh8634146/3/201211/20/2019
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