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Hi....I am new to the Site so it will take a while to get used to things. Meanwhile I will post a few Poems that my mad scribblings have produced and I hope some of you might read them. If you do please leave a comment...good or bad...but please leave some type of comment, even on older Poems. Thank you......Tom

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TO DREAM OF PLAINS26544152/26/20129/18/2019
Field of Poppies11594284/22/20129/18/2019
My Garden Tree10694003/5/20129/18/2019
TWO MOONS OVER VENICE8984004/3/20129/18/2019
Angel of the Ghetto...In Memory of Irena Sendler8582005/2/20129/19/2019
Sentinels In The Mist8312148/26/20139/18/2019
Storm across Arklow Bay8234004/3/20129/18/2019
Down to the Sea7682253/25/20129/18/2019
Dawning 7393002/27/20129/18/2019Free Verse - Inspirational Poems, Motivational
A Walk in Winter 7301003/3/20129/18/2019
Songs of Mother Earth.....IV 7180006/13/20129/18/2019
You Walked Away7172003/10/20129/18/2019
Leftover Love 7054002/29/20129/18/2019Free Verse - Lost Love
Into the Dark Night7040005/19/20129/18/2019
Lost Angel6752002/29/20129/18/2019Family - Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart
Two Moons over Venice 6732003/3/20129/18/2019
Let Us Remember Them 6691113/14/20129/18/2019
This Side of Eden6491006/29/20129/18/2019
Lady of Spring 6473153/19/20129/18/2019
Songs of Mother Earth.....II6453005/13/20129/18/2019
Songs of Mother Earth.....I64412104/25/20129/18/2019
Dragon 6404003/1/20129/18/2019
A Heart's Last Treasure6364004/21/20129/18/2019
Eternal Conclave 6282002/28/20129/18/2019Not Categorized - Rhyming 2
An Angel Weeps6251003/11/20129/18/2019
To Dream of Plains 6200002/26/20129/19/2019Native American - Not Categorized
Come Find Me6090003/29/20129/18/2019
This Field of Sorrows (outside Verdun)6051003/6/20129/18/2019
Wolf Song 5983004/7/20129/18/2019
Galactic Tapestries5943003/2/20129/18/2019
Stains on the Collar 5913003/26/20129/18/2019
Where the Road Gently Turns5773143/7/20129/18/2019
An Echo of Endless Roses5751003/17/20129/18/2019
When it comes5731003/8/20129/18/2019
A Long Future's Hope 5670123/4/20129/18/2019
A Tall Ship 5171003/12/20129/18/2019
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