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Ugwu Leonard Elvis also known as Leonard D Great is a poet, play-write,short story writer, prose writer and also a writer of prose-poeta. he is the author of the popular poetic reflection titled "Echoes of the invisible" a powerful poetic composition published 2017 by Author House (USA). He is an award recipient (Best Editor 2012, Best Poet 2013, Best Poet with the best poem 2014;all from Caritas University Literary and Arts Association). Currently, Leonard is the president and big squire of World Union of Poets (WUP) Enugu state chapter Nigeria, and also former coordinator Creative Writers Association of Nigeria (CWAN) Enugu state chapter. His poems has been published in many literary magazines, journals, newspapers and websites. He has elevated the wold of literature through his lines and stanzas, Leonard D Great goes with the vision " look beyond the stars you will see my super-naturalism"

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The matinee7950006/12/20128/6/2020Soccer - Memorial
THE PRIMUS INTERPERS5710004/3/20128/6/2020Website Announcements - Thank you, gratitude
pride5320003/7/20128/6/2020Free Verse - Nature
ONE DAY5092154/13/20158/6/2020Free Verse - Not Categorized
THE PRINCIPLED PESONALITIES4650003/11/20128/6/2020
THE GENERATION ANEX4102154/11/20158/6/2020Poet - Memorial
THE DAYS40902109/28/20148/6/2020
THE BOILING HOT ANGER3752155/26/20158/6/2020
HER EXCELLENCY3310154/9/20158/6/2020
Leonard D Great25700011/15/20178/6/2020
I QUIT2290006/21/20188/6/2020
HELPLESS20000011/14/20198/5/2020Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Missing You
BECAUSE I AM BLACK1690006/11/20188/6/2020Not Categorized - Peace
Silence in the noise we do make 15520011/12/20198/6/2020Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Life
DEMAGOGUE (A POEM TO NIGERIA)1522002/21/20208/6/2020
THE BEAST IN BONDAGE 1460003/23/20208/6/2020Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Religious, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Baptist, etc.
SHAMEFUL TEARS1250002/20/20208/6/2020Written - Religious, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Baptist, etc.
I AM HELPLESS11500011/13/20198/7/2020Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Not Categorized
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