Mathais Iroro Orhero Poems

A Nigerian student of literary studies. A poet, playwright and an ardent reader.

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The Song for a Weaverbird6472267/7/201211/13/2018Nature - Other
The Solitary Wanderer4801146/25/201211/8/2018
The Lost Generation.4560007/7/201211/10/2018Other - Poet
An Ode to the Ancestors4532006/21/201210/26/2018
Yesterday has Much to Tell 3891159/22/201211/11/2018Metaphor - Narrative
How does it feel to be a Problem?38531511/11/201310/31/2018Allegory - Prose
On Death3281006/21/201211/5/2018
A Song of Ecstasy- – Moments with the gods.3050006/21/201211/10/2018
A Letter to Mother Earth3031006/25/201211/12/2018
Is it my Business? 3033269/22/201211/18/2018Free Verse - Other
The End is Near 2851139/22/201211/7/2018Religious, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Baptist, etc. - Peace
Visions of Sailors2850136/21/201211/11/2018
On a Midnight Rain2800006/21/201211/5/2018
Who Am I? 2750159/22/201211/1/2018Narrative - Spiritual
A Letter to my Sons and Daughters2700006/21/201210/25/2018
What is it about this feeling? (by JOY IWEZU)26900010/20/201211/16/2018Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Love
A SONG OF ECSTASY- – MOMENTS WITH THE GODS.2620006/21/201211/8/2018
The Call of a Prophet2583006/21/201211/13/2018Not Categorized - Political, War, International
The Black River2420006/21/201211/17/2018
THE PENITENT LIZARD23800012/5/201210/2/2018Nature - Season
A Song for the Arts2310006/28/201211/16/2018
In the End2111006/21/201211/18/2018
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