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Hi, My name is Cynthia but I go by Cindy. I started writing as a way to express myself. I am a survivor of SSRI's and Electric Shock Therapy so some days I just write whatever is on my mind. When I am able to stop and take time to think I put my emotions to words. I was married for twenty years and have a beautiful daughter. My writing is based mostly on experiences in my life, some just from things that inspire me. I do not consider myself a poet by any means, but I know you are out there. I do read and learn from what I see on this site. Thanks to all of you that take the time to respond.

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Just One More Day136301310/2/20139/15/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Music, Instruments, Lyrics
That old Country Road12480002/3/20139/11/2019Missing You - Lost Love
You Amaze Me11972159/29/20139/15/2019Rhyming 2 - Love
The Broken Shell1141831510/23/20139/15/2019Metaphor - Rhyming 2
Eyes Wide Open9417157/7/20139/3/2019Narrative - Prose
Your Life Awaits77473152/8/20139/2/2019Not Categorized - Long Distance Love
Where The Wild Wind Blows7632002/3/20138/27/2019Music, Instruments, Lyrics - Nature
Flying Free6973269/22/20138/23/2019Narrative - Prose
In my heart6864006/23/20139/6/2019Missing You - Not Categorized
Expressions of Bliss65121510/14/20139/15/2019Rhyming 2 - Love
The Unforgiving Heart647631411/17/20139/1/2019Rhyming 2 - Dark Love
The Storm6460007/12/20139/16/2019Love Sad - Quatern
I Am Poison63463109/25/20139/6/2019Dark Poems, Depressing Poems, Death - Prose
I See The Stars5984009/30/20139/15/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Lost Love
My Granny's House595421012/23/20138/29/2019Good Bye - Life
Goodbye My Love5849259/5/20138/28/2019Love Sad - Music, Instruments, Lyrics
In My Heart of Dreams5810007/19/20139/15/2019Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Music, Instruments, Lyrics
It's Raining Inside5754115/16/20139/2/2019Love Sad - Not Categorized
Drama Free5700008/6/20139/9/2019Love Sad - Prose
Fly With Me5622009/26/20139/10/2019Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Love
Take me home560441410/8/20139/16/2019Narrative - Prose
Our Nation5502158/9/20139/7/2019Hope - Prose
I Live In The Pain5444159/30/20139/15/2019Music, Instruments, Lyrics - Prose
Alone In My Bed at Night5373008/11/20139/10/2019Love Sad - Music, Instruments, Lyrics
In The Flirt536521010/9/20139/15/2019Music, Instruments, Lyrics - Prose
Simple Girl52241411/12/20138/29/2019Music, Instruments, Lyrics - Rhyming 2
Forgive5181021012/17/20139/3/2019Rhyming 2 - Peace
The Weeping Willow51721310/29/20139/15/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Rhyming 2
Artist of the Heavens5160157/10/20139/14/2019Nature - Rhyming 2
Tara Kay51400012/9/20139/12/2019Daughters - Rhyming 2
Gypsy Rose51200012/9/20139/9/2019Music, Instruments, Lyrics - Prose
Miracles50861411/9/20138/29/2019Heart 2 - Rhyming 2
Just a Trace5066281/10/20148/31/2019Life - Hope
The Search for Me506831410/16/20139/15/2019Free Verse - Narrative
The Brown Recluse48920011/17/20139/3/2019Life - Music, Instruments, Lyrics
I've Made Mistakes481231311/20/20139/7/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Missing You
Emotion47841510/12/20139/2/2019Analogy - Rhyming 2
No Longer47610271/13/20149/15/2019Heart 2 - Prose
The Sea4732007/3/20138/23/2019Nature - Not Categorized
Bleeding Heart46521512/26/20138/28/2019Dark Poems, Depressing Poems, Death - Rhyming 2
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