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I commenced writing poetry nearly 50 years back.after 10 years there was a long hiatus and I have resumed it now just a couple of years back.I have written more than 250 poems so far on a variety of subjects.
I am a graduate, retired as a Senior Section Officer(Accounts)from the Integral Coach Factory/Chennai which falls under Indian Railways.My main interests are reading ,writing poetry, listening to Carnatic Music besides being a home maker.
My Poems have been published in the International Magazine "POET" ,"POETRY WORLD" and I C F's in house Magazine "RAIL COACH" in addition to the Web site and am a member of Chennai Poet's Circle. My husband also retired as Southern Railway and is a social worker.
I am the proud mother of four children,all well-settled, and grand mother of seven grand children.

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A Man of Character9099005/7/20139/18/2019
A Successful Woman8774005/13/20139/18/2019
YOGA8004005/22/20139/18/2019Life - Not Categorized
The Good Samaritan *736105245/14/20139/18/2019
WILL POWER ( Acrostic )72310154/23/20139/19/2019
A Virtuous Woman6928294/22/20139/18/2019
Love your Work6782004/19/20139/18/2019
COMPASSION ( Acrostic )6636006/28/20139/18/2019
Taj Mahal--An Elegy in Marble6577007/3/20139/18/2019
34th Inspirational Challenge----Zero Covers All ( ACROSTIC )64585208/11/20139/18/2019
Presence or Presents ?64362105/18/20139/18/2019
The Indian Dances6224004/29/20139/19/2019Not Categorized - Tributes, Memorials
Forms of Wealth6187284/6/20139/18/2019
The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing6187146/12/20139/18/2019
Moon Dream6090004/11/20139/18/2019
Man's Thoughts6004004/8/20139/18/2019
The Cherry Tree600114196/15/20139/18/2019
Abolish Ego5823154/1/20139/18/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Not Categorized
Gain in Pain5815003/25/20139/18/2019
Mind and Intellect5783008/14/20139/18/2019
let us Maintain Equipoise57710145/2/20139/18/2019
Loneliness versus Solitude5763005/1/20139/18/2019
Radiating Happiness5497155/30/20139/18/2019
Life is Sacred5422143/22/20139/18/2019
The Mobile Phone5413156/3/20139/18/2019
Senryu--A Carnival5344145/19/20139/18/2019
Be Positive5247003/29/20139/18/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Not Categorized
Haiku---Fallen Leaves5235157/12/20139/18/2019
To the departed soul of my dear friend--*-KASTHURI51962107/26/20139/19/2019
A Promise to Eradicate Illiteracy5194005/15/20139/18/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Not Categorized
Obeisance to Almighty5165008/29/20139/18/2019
"One Cannot Educate the Human Heart "--31st Challenge514175245/10/20139/18/2019
Inspirational Cinquain Challenge ( Nature )5107157/1/20139/18/2019
The Common Crow5014007/2/20139/18/2019
To dear *Kasthuri--Patient Wait--( Poem --7 )4773158/1/20139/18/2019
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