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I am a business man by vocation, dealing with gems and paintings. And I am a poet by avocation. I live in chennai, India. I write poems in English, Telugu,Tamil languages. My poems are being published in magazines, anthologies, web-portals. In the literature of Telugu language my poems-anthology stands as the first poems anthology on inter net. I received an award of honor from the state governor in the year 2006 as a recognition to my involvement in poetry. My English poems anthology LET US UNDERSTAND THE DAWNS released recently. I have penchant for business, poetry, music, philosophy, creativity, human relation ships.I deem that, a person needs to have a proper notion much prior to having an ambition.I infer, a person should live beyond opinions and a person should lead life with learning and knowing. My e-mail : My hand phone : + 91 9940354251

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I AM A SURE-ENOUGH LOVE-MATE FOR YOU7374009/7/20135/26/2020
LIGHT FLOURISHES7310005/4/20135/28/2020
WHILE THOUGHTS SING TO ME...7292003/25/20135/26/2020
LET US UNDERSTAND THE DAWNS7140004/27/20135/26/2020
LET ME BE BORN AGAIN AND AGAIN67011394/3/20135/26/2020
FOR THE MACROCOSM6630115/2/20135/26/2020
AM I NOT A WARRIOR?65721512/18/20135/28/2020
haiku6523143/17/20135/26/2020Haiku - Life
WHILE LIFE UNFOLDS...6390004/12/20135/26/2020
LET US PERFORM6360003/18/20135/26/2020
AN ARTIST6363143/20/20145/29/2020
BE WITH HEART BE WITH ART6292004/13/20135/26/2020
THE GOLDEN AGE IS AHEAD!6261003/17/20135/26/2020Life - Quotes
THE MOMENTUM6180004/6/20135/26/2020
WHAT IS THIS?6100006/7/20145/28/2020
I GUESS6030003/12/20145/26/2020
THE GENESIS OF GLEE60020010/9/20135/26/2020
WILL WE LIVE SAFER?5970004/26/20135/26/2020
A WINNER5964003/19/20135/26/2020
LIFE OF LIFE5930003/19/20135/26/2020
IMPRESSION OF EXPERIENCE5900005/21/20135/26/2020
IN SEARCH OF THE ESSENCE5720004/5/20135/26/2020
I SEEK FOR HELP5710003/31/20135/26/2020
THE SUN OF POEM5700003/27/20135/26/2020
WE WILL HAVE TO WIN56700012/12/20135/26/2020
LIGHT FLOURISHES...5640003/17/20135/26/2020Life - Not Categorized
A MASTER5610003/22/20135/26/2020
IN THE FLOW OF AESTHETIC ECSTASIES...5590003/18/20135/27/2020
I HAD WOKEN UP IN MYSELF!5310003/21/20135/26/2020
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