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Kevin Rottweiler is a dog & cat poet, including nature and Christian inspirational poetry. Kevin has published 4 print books & many online e-books. The author enjoys chapbooks, that can stress a specific style or genre of poetry. The author has worked with animals and has a doctor of divinity degree.

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Elephant is Sad28501005/4/20157/30/2020
The Days of Elementary School18101141/9/20147/30/2020School - Other
Submarine Sandwich for Molly15822003/6/20148/2/2020Poet - Short Funny
Noah's Coffeehouse14502295/29/20137/31/2020Poet - Spiritual
Hot Water Bottle13891008/6/20137/30/2020
Soccer Fields of College 13182159/3/20147/30/2020Soccer - Slam
Rain on the Caterpillar12231008/12/20137/30/2020
Complex Town11932008/21/20138/2/2020
Kevin Rottweiler Christian Rapper11621009/15/20137/30/2020Other - Poet
American Jesus11041007/8/20137/30/2020Music, Instruments, Lyrics - Religious, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Baptist, etc.
Pit Bull Pizza Party10882004/8/20157/30/2020Dogs - Funny Narrative
Big Goldfish10861005/29/20137/30/2020Other - Poet
Rain on the Huskies10672009/5/20138/2/2020Poet - Season
Coffee House People10673299/5/20137/30/2020
Autumn Leaves 10533005/30/20137/30/2020
Cool Winter10513145/29/20137/31/2020
Big Farm Dogs10421156/1/20137/30/2020
Pit Bulls on the Moon10070006/24/20137/31/2020
German Shepherd Ladder9912155/20/20147/31/2020Other - Poet
Crab Apples Complain98600010/19/20137/30/2020Poet - Season
Big Big Elephants9752119/11/20137/30/2020Nature - Poet
Elephant Barn9710005/29/20138/3/2020Poet - Short Funny
wolf spider bonanza9691009/5/20137/31/2020Poet - Season
wet water9510005/30/20137/31/2020Poet - Summer
Scruffy the Elephant9441009/17/20138/1/2020
Elephant Bronchitis9220009/11/20137/30/2020Nature - Poet
Simple Town9172008/21/20138/2/2020Poet - Season
Caterpillar Crossing9122156/18/20137/30/2020
Pit Bull Eating Jello8970008/17/20138/2/2020
Elephant Planet8891119/11/20137/30/2020Nature - Poet
Tired Tractor8850008/16/20147/30/2020Not Categorized - Poet
Elephant Gerbil Circus8770006/26/20147/30/2020Other - Poet
Blue Frogs on Sunday8700007/23/20137/30/2020
Pit Bulls on Neptune Zirconia8660006/1/20137/30/2020
summer can end8590008/3/20137/30/2020
Changing Seasons of Rain8590009/22/20137/31/2020Poet - Season
Day Job8472156/1/20138/1/2020Other - Poet
Elephants Dance84220011/24/20137/30/2020Poet - Season
School out for Summer8341006/6/20147/30/2020School - Poet
Ice on Airplane Wings81300010/27/20137/30/2020Poet - Season
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