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Kevin Rottweiler is a dog & cat poet, including nature and Christian inspirational poetry. Kevin has published 4 print books & many online e-books. The author enjoys chapbooks, that can stress a specific style or genre of poetry. The author has worked with animals and has a doctor of divinity degree.

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Worthy is the Lamb (Christian poem)65330010/18/20156/17/2019Religious, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Baptist, etc. - Peace
Oxen Sweating and Panting64620011/14/20136/18/2019Poet - Spiritual
Mosquito Barn6031006/9/20146/20/2019
Gerbil Loves Chocolate Milk5960003/25/20146/13/2019Poet - Short Funny
Pit Bull Shrimp Boat5761007/7/20146/13/2019Narrative - Poet
Sarcastic Barnyard Verse5721154/22/20156/19/2019Poet - Season
Dogs to the Killing Room5671005/15/20156/17/2019Dogs - Holocaust
Water Beetle Rainstorm55610010/14/20146/13/2019Poet - Season
Basset Hound Saturday5430009/19/20146/13/2019Dogs - Season
Robert Frost Rain5421156/3/20146/13/2019Nature - Poet
Bed Bug City54210011/28/20156/19/2019Nature - Olympics
the bachelor degree smiled5372006/16/20156/19/2019
Finding Peace When all Goes Wrong53711510/29/20146/13/2019Religious, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Baptist, etc. - Peace
The Snowman Melted5361005/8/20146/13/2019Poet - Season
Goats on the Mountain52720012/7/20136/13/2019Poet - Spiritual
Grandma's Tomato Garden5240001/12/20156/13/2019Nature - Poet
Elephant Coffee House52330012/20/20166/13/2019Animals - Nature
School Pizza Party5041156/26/20146/13/2019
Pit Bull Ice Cream Cone50121511/3/20146/16/2019Dogs - Short Funny
The Older Woman & Younger man4981001/13/20166/18/2019Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Nature
Dad Loved Coins4932001/8/20166/15/2019Father - Poet
Cooking Class4932136/3/20146/17/2019School - Poet
my first kiss4880006/4/20166/18/2019Short Funny - Lost Love
Worms on Rainy Sidewalks 4830005/5/20156/13/2019Other - Poet
Big Big Rottweiler 4810006/19/20146/13/2019Dogs - Poet
Cocker Spaniel Kiss48121512/2/20146/13/2019Dogs - Peace
Hot Rod Cars and Stupid Youth 4800005/30/20146/13/2019Other - Poet
I saw someone sitting on a cloud4771008/29/20146/13/2019School - Religious, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Baptist, etc.
Lilacs on the Gerbil Plains4751006/14/20146/13/2019
Middle Age You See New Things4740006/20/20146/13/2019Poet - Retirement
The Fat Cats of Bourbon Street4672009/4/20146/13/2019Cats - Short Funny
Lady Bug Survivor Narrative4652151/19/20156/13/2019Nature - Season
Poodle Puddle4650001/2/20146/13/2019
Elementary School and Beyond4620002/21/20156/13/2019School - Season
Maggie Bullmastiff Fights Jo Jo American Bulldog4600004/15/20146/13/2019
The Homeless Police Dog 45910011/24/20136/13/2019Poet - Season
City of Asphalt and Cold Rain4510009/26/20146/16/2019Spiritual - Season
Ravioli Pit Bull4490009/25/20146/13/2019Dogs - Funny Narrative
Pink Horse of Revelation 44810012/16/20156/13/2019Nature - Religious, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Baptist, etc.
The Black Goldfish44600010/6/20136/13/2019
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